Product Engineering Services


ZigBee Components and Embedded Software Development Services

Looking to add wireless capability to your innovative product?

Luxoft’s team of personnel specialized in embedded systems engineering can assist you at every stage of the product development lifecycle from initial estimates to product deployment, saving you considerable time and money. We have years of experience in providing comprehensive firmware development solutions, including PCB design and complex RF design. Once the design is complete, we can test your prototypes for regulatory compliance, RF performance, and more in Luxoft’s state-of-the-art Test Lab.

Luxoft’s team of experts who specialize in ZigBee products can help you achieve full ZigBee compliance for your wireless product. Experts from Luxoft are also quite adept at providing comprehensive solutions for your ZigBee building automation system. Additionally, we can customize a specific ZigBee application profile, such as the ZigBee Smart Energy profile, to guarantee optimal performance of your software and you will receive our professional support via email and phone to ensure that performance is realized. When you partner with Luxoft, you not only gain in-depth expertise in embedded software development and best-of-breed processes, but you also get a strong commitment to project success.

Luxoft provides comprehensive solutions to ensure the protection of IP at all levels which includes physical security systems such as video surveillance systems software and card readers for restricted entry. ZigBee Light Link provides wireless control for its customers over home lighting systems, switches, timers, and remotes. The Zigbee PRO Feature Set development services help create scalable wireless network solutions that have been optimized for home or building automation, healthcare, telecommunications, and smart energy applications.

Welcome to the virtual tour of our state-of-the-art test lab. Whether you need to perform a series of sophisticated product tests or produce a working prototype, we can do it for you on time and on budget.

Fully-equipped Lab

Our fully-equipped lab has a variety of state-of-the-art equipment.

Quality Control and Certification

Luxoft offers a full range of Quality Control and Certification Assistance services. Backed by the state-of-the-art equipment, best-of-breed processes and a team of committed professionals, Luxoft can help significantly reduce cost and time to market for your product.

Verification and Validation Services

  • Parameters measurements
  • Peer reviews, review checklists
  • Verifying against system requirements specification
  • Validating against business requirements
  • Interoperability testing

Luxoft has developed a unique Test Wireless Sensor Network that allows a thorough testing of embedded devices and mesh networking software.

System Engineering Services

The System Engineering Services matrix below shows what Luxoft can do for you at each stage of the product development lifecycle and why it accelerates time to market and reduces product costs.

Development Stage

Software Development Services

Hardware Design Services

Tech Support


Evaluation/ Feasibility Study

  • Wireless Network Management tools
  • Sample applications
  • Hardware component selection
  • Preliminary system design consultation

Online support center, knowledge base, e-learning

Competent decision-making process

Development/ Prototyping

  • IEEE802.15.4/ ZigBee / ZigBee PRO Feature Set customization
  • Application development
  • Reference applications
  • Hardware reference designs
  • Custom PCB design
  • RF design

Support via email/phone

On-time and on-budget application development


Customized testing

Transition to manufacturing consulting

Support via email/phone

Reduced lead times, fast ramp-up


Over-the-air upgrade software

Access to Luxoft’s unique Test Network

Support via email/phone

  • Surprise-free product deployment
  • Faster time to market
  • Reduced maintenance costs


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