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Next-generation mobile financial management App

Why not increase Clients’ stickiness to your bank? The convenient and modern iStockTrack App enhances traditional mobile banking by offering premium banking capabilities, such as: view of client’s consolidated finances, personal financial adviser video chat, 24/7 individual banking services, and instant market data – all in one app!

iStockTrack is an end to end solution providing mobile banking services for Private and Premium banking Clients. This perfect financial management software gives the ultimate competitive edge when it comes to attracting and retaining clients.

aggregated financial information at a glance.

Top left area shows in detail your assets in Bank Accounts, Brokerages, Pension Plans, Managed Accounts, etc. Information is visualized with easy-to-read graphics, and can be sliced and diced in various ways to give you a multi-dimensional perspective. You can easily add daily calculation of Net Worth, Total Assets, Total Liabilities, Cash Flows and Various Risk Types.

with your Adviser get instant help.

Need advice? Transfer of assets? Just with one tap you can connect with your Personal Adviser. The Personal Adviser can view the client’s holdings and give investment proposals or product offerings. This unique collaborative advice tool enables advisers and clients to maintain contact more efficiently encouraging clients to communicate more frequently which converts into increased sales and bank revenues.

channel for tailored product offerings.

Nothing builds a better relationship between a client and a bank than tailored attractive offers. Such offers always convert into higher sales rates. The device is always on. With this feature, banks can make product offers in real time and make them actionable by triggering an immediate client response.

in the palm of your hand in one second.

Market Dashboard View gives you everything you need on the market: news, calendars, indices, foreign exchange, and commodities plus comprehensive coverage of companies. You can customize widgets with all data provided by Thomson Reuters. Need more? You can drill down into instrument’ charts and company data details.

about your investment aim.

All you need is here: Trading Info, Price Chart, and Company Financials: P/E, EPS, ROI, ROE, ROA, yields, dividends, etc. Need more? Company Reporting Documentation - Income Statement, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Statements. You can even see a company’s historical trends.

online banking included.

On top of all functionalities - traditional mobile banking - accounts, cards, money transfers, and account statements, etc. Clients can actively manage accounts from the application (Open account, Transfer Money, Apply for credit card, Buy banking products, etc).

of your investment portfolio.

A virtual tool for day-to-day stock portfolio tracking with server stored portfolios available from any device. Clients can monitor their own or model investment portfolio, share their portfolio with other iStockTrack users, or clone someone else’s portfolio.

Coming Up in the Next Release:

On-line Trading, Integration with Social Networks, Asset Allocation Management, Technical Analysis, Cash Flow Analysis and Personal Financial Planning, Macroeconomic Data

Why Luxoft?

  • A ready Professional Development Team
  • Excellent User Experience (UX) expertise verified by industry professionals
  • Reduced complexity and time-to-market made possible by prebuilt solutions
  • Library of reusable components that accelerate a solution launch
It takes just 4 weeks for base solution development!


11th Liquidity Management Conference 

The 11th Annual Liquidity Management Conference will bring together leaders in the liquidity and treasury management practice alongside key regulators to engage on critical business concerns.

Choose day and Time and meet us at 11th Liquidity Management Conference

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