Luxoft Overview

Leading Provider of High-End Software Development Services

Luxoft helps businesses innovate, adapt and compete in a constantly changing technology landscape. We are the company you need to have at your side because we understand your business, your market and your core thinking, but we also understand the emerging technologies that are defining the digital world.

Luxoft is built to be different, built to be better. We offer engineering with an open mind, creative thinking with guaranteed delivery, informed ideas with business results.

We have what it takes to be your partner because our company is built for agility, speed and innovation. We have no legacy burden, so we move fast. We have no old fashioned hierarchies and organisational structures, so for us innovation and delivery happen in the same teams and the same times and places. We work in tight, creative teams, where industry experts operate in the same spaces as developers, and engineers sit alongside delivery specialists. There are no gaps, no silos, no delays and no wasted time.


Blockchain for Finance Conference 2016 

Blockchain for Finance Conference aims to explore use cases for blockchain and exploit the opportunity to facilitate fast, efficient and secure transfer of assets.

Choose day and Time and meet us at Blockchain for Finance Conference 2016

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