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About Luxoft Poland

Luxoft Poland was established in 2010 in Krakow and provides application and product development services for large enterprises. Luxoft’s development services are focused on quality, innovation, and customer service.

With Luxoft Poland, our clients receive the right mix of technology skills, industry knowledge, proprietary processes and methodologies, and a choice of multiple engagement models.

The development centers in Poland specialize in technology solutions for the travel, automotive, and finance industries. Luxoft Poland provides an optimal cost structure, offshore/onshore capabilities, and efficient communications and processes to existing and new customers throughout Europe.

Our offices

  • Cracow
  • Wroclaw

Luxoft Poland Benefits

  • Over 800 highly-skilled IT engineers
  • Culture of innovation, engineering excellence, and flexibility
  • Experience with complicated projects and global customers in the travel, automotive, and finance industries
  • A high-performance data network for fast and safe communications
  • Luxoft Poland’s development center has been recently honored with the Outsourcing Destination of the Year Award by National Outsourcing Association Awards

Poland’s Attraction as an Outsourcing Destination:

  • Over 38 million Polish citizens and one of the most educated countries in Europe
  • Strong economic environment as the 30th largest market in the world
  • Located in the center of Europe, Poland is strategic location relative to major European countries
  • Excellent universities and technical schools that produce a sustainable pool of highly-qualified, well-educated, self- motivated, world-class software engineers
  • Strong multi-language capabilities
  • Over 300 companies chose Poland as a strategic location for BPO/SSC and R&D
  • Low labor costs compared with EU
  • Low cost of living and easy airline connections for near-shore cities
  • Well-developed R&D environment
"With more than 800 highly educated engineers, Luxoft Poland delivers the best in class software services for Fortune 500 companies in the finance, travel, and automotive industries. We strive to constantly exceed our clients’ expectations by providing high quality services with a distinctive combination of technology, talent, and innovation."
Wojciech Mach Managing Director
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