5G: Beyond the Speed​
Building a Truly Connected World

The 5G ecosystem will transform the way we live, work, and play. The 5G network would allow faster speeds of data transfer, from 1 Gbps of 4G to the highly anticipated rate of 10 Gbps, resulting in 5G generating tremendous opportunities for numerous industries.


Society expects 5G to deliver innovation
and ultimately economic growth.

Since latency will no longer be a problem, it sets the stage for disruption on a grand scale. 5G will pave the way for new ideas and uses in areas like remote robotic surgeries, connected cities and homes, autonomous mobility, virtual gaming, smart agriculture, consumer wearables, and mobile virtual reality – transcending the scope of mobile technology beyond the capabilities of LTE.

Beyond the Speed:​
What does it mean for your business?​

The next generation of wireless will affect a wide range of industries, from healthcare to manufacturing, travel to energy. 5G's speed and ultra-low latency is projected to seamlessly work with wireless sensors, vehicle-to-vehicle communication technologies, smart traffic lights, smart grids, mobile wearables, smart home devices and other cutting-edge tech solutions. With this new increase in bandwidth, we will finally maximize the full potential of Serverless Computing, Autonomous Data Centers, Smart Cities, and Robotic Process Automation.

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What’s possible when the
5G network is 10x faster?

Industry use cases

5G Essentials

The pace and scale of 5G implementation around the world is increasing. Industries are experiencing widespread disruption with increasing adoption of smart technologies. Digitally connected customers demand more, faster as new competition comes from outside of traditional market segments.

Proactive Healthcare

Why not stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible? Benefit both providers and patients alike with technology that helps ignite the change from reactive to proactive healthcare! Learn how our distributed sensing system keeps disease-prone patients healthy while sending relevant data to providers to boost work processes through proactive healthcare, cutting costs and promoting a healthier business.

How to Navigate Digital Disruption in Energy & Utilities – 2020 and Beyond

The Energy and Utilities industry is rapidly changing to satisfy end-user demands. New and emerging innovative technologies in Cloud, AI, and IoT are influencing customer expectations, enabling cost reductions and providing new market opportunities.

Predictive Maintenance For Connected Vehicles

Vantage Power accelerates time-to-market by six months, reducing operational costs by over 80%.​

Healthcare: More Data, More Opportunities

In the future, we can finally focus on healthcare instead of “sick care.” The rise of technology and the use of massive amounts of data will bring the industry into a new age! Watch our video with Sam Mantle, Managing Director, Luxoft Digital Enterprise.​

The Rise of Smart, Connected and Shared Mobility

Shared mobility turns our relationship with vehicles upside down. Luxoft’s vision for mobility is to enable our clients to make the transition to sustainable mobility by co-creating smart solutions and providing cutting-edge engineering services for all areas: digital user experience, autonomous vehicle platforms, connected mobility and financial services.

Disruptive Technologies: Connecting and Converting Targeted Advertising

The M&E industry has always valued the creative process, from the story idea and narrative to distribution. In the past, consumer consumption was limited to the top three networks on the family television set (ABC, CBS and NBC) and the local movie theater, creating a market for a one-to-many advertising approach. Today, content is readily available anytime, anywhere, on any size screen, causing a shift to more data-driven decisions.​

Smart Mobility Assistant

Now you can always have an expert beside you that knows nearly everything about your car. Luxoft’s Smart Mobility Assistant supports seamless mobility services through the use of cutting-edge AI. With remote software updates over the air, it’s a simple and fast upgrade that brings cars into the future.​

Smart Farming

"Smart farming" is an emerging concept that refers to managing farms using technologies like IoT, robotics, drones and AI to improve product quantity and quality while optimizing the human labor required by production. At Luxoft we enable you to improve yields, customer experiences and brand loyalty with help from our digital engineers.

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