The Challenge:

CSPs are being asked to do more, faster.
How do you save time, cut cost, improve performance with zero downtime?


The Solution:

IT automation gives your teams more time to innovate. By automating manual processes, your organization gains the ability to deliver more value to the business by speeding delivery and increasing predictability—with reduced cost and risk. Automation is the best way to manage a modern IT environment with the future in mind.

Red Hat® and Luxoft solutions possess the perfect partnership for a complete automation platform capable of provisioning, deploying, and orchestrating complex networks. We excel at managing the configuration of your IT systems, networks, and apps to help solve real business problems.

Severless Computing
Edge Computing
Artificial Intelligence
Robotic Process Automation
Telecom Convergence
Machine Learning
Autonomous data center

When getting to market is

key to your competitive advantage


say infrastructure scalability and agility is mission critical


believe open source is mission critical or very important for supporting IT strategies

Automation is an essential and strategic component of 5G.
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