IT for Agribusiness: Grow revenues while reducing costs

The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) expects up to a 100% increase in agricultural products demand by 2050.

There are three ways the industry can meet this demand: put more land into use; reduce post-harvest loss through tracking, product monitoring and measurement; or increase total factor productivity through a combination of science and tapping into data analytics.

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Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers

Driving sales of farming equipment is as much about the software as it is about the hardware. Farmers demand a user experience that taps data services that result in maximum efficiency in the field. The key factors in digitization of agricultural equipment are getting more touch points with a farmer that drives a better experience and stronger brand loyalty.

Agricultural equipment manufacturers also must offer efficient solutions to manage spare parts and related services, ensure data visibility with dealers, and integrate agronomy software with their machine data.

Luxoft offerings include:

  •  Solutions for remote machine diagnosis and predictive maintenance
  • Web and mobile solutions for warranty management
  • Architecture and development of precision agriculture solutions based on Internet of Things platforms that make data easily accessible and useful for the farmers.

Animal Health Providers

Animal health is under a barrage of consumer driven concerns that are impacting how producers and ranchers grow livestock.

With fewer passive tools and techniques to keep animals healthy, real-time data combined with sophisticated analytics can predict when an animal is getting sick. As the role of the veterinarian increases, animal health companies need to provide knowledge based services to a whole new class of vets.

Across the industry, animal health stands to benefit the most from the Internet of Things. As IoT becomes more pervasive across human healthcare, similar techniques can be applied to monitor and improve animal health. Animals are more costly than crops and require more active monitoring. Therefore, investment in technology to keep livestock healthy and safe can generate impressive ROI.

Through Luxoft’s Internet of Living Things™ applications, animal laborers and veterinarians can access real-time data and digital records to better manage the health of every animal.

Agricultural Retailers and Cooperatives

As farmers use technology to make better-informed purchasing decisions, the internet and proliferation of data can quickly uncover where the best prices can be found for any product or service. So what makes farmers stay loyal to certain businesses?

Agronomic services, tied to custom software and IoT, make the difference. If one of the benefits of your co-operative is knowledge of local conditions, fields, weather and agronomy, custom software can help simplify the collection, storage and analysis of complex data sets. Additionally, interactions with farmers need to be seamless and easy, so a great deal of emphasis is spent on improving the customer experience, especially as they work with trusted advisors and agronomists.

Luxoft offers the following solutions:

  • Agronomy services and support software development
  • Profitability mapping solutions
  • Finance solutions
  • Software that enables seamless interactions between retailers, cooperatives and farmers

Grain Originators

Grain originators used to hold the primary position of loyalty for the farmer. After all, they buy the farmer’s product. No more. Grain originators want that relationship back and that means putting custom software in the hands of farmers.

Likewise, the more software in the hands of farmers, the better grain originators can predict crop size, timing, and quality leading to better trading, marketing and origination scheduling.

Plus, as commodities become increasingly scarce, given “the China Effect” where demand outstrips supply through China’s emergence in the marketplace, origination is becoming extremely competitive between grain originators.

Luxoft offerings include:

  • Predictive analytics and IoT on markets at global, regional and local levels
  • Data visualization for the stock, location and quality of grain
  • Trading and risk management
  • Supply chain and logistics
  • Cold storage software
  • Processor safety

Protein Producers and Processers

Meat packers are often popular, well-known or private label brands. Their key goal is reducing costs by improving operational excellence through technology (often IT based), whether in feed formulation or how to maximize value in the cutting of an individual hog carcass.

They often control the entire production side of animals, providing instructions, feed, chicks or piglets and so on.

As food safety and visibility for consumers are key common themes, meat processors and off-takers increasingly turn to technology to keep the consumer happy.

Luxoft offers custom software development to automate the real-time monitoring of animal barns, slaughter, regulatory safety compliance, animal safety records management, feed formulation optimization and much more. In addition, Luxoft can help the industry better understand market demand and animal availability in order to optimize pricing, promotion, and profitability.

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