Enabling the future of mobility with Autonomous Drive solutions

Driving the transformation to revolutionary mobility capabilities



Developing a safer, cleaner and more efficient future for driverless mobility

Our Autonomous Drive (AD) solutions give automotive manufacturers and their key suppliers the ability to focus their product development and business on the needs of their customers.


These solutions support the most critical development domains — data-driven development, in-vehicle embedded software, car virtualization, and system design and validation. We create, integrate, test and check in-car series software for multiple sensor ECUs and systems. Our teams design and deploy HPC software for fusion, perception, environment-model and ADAS/AD driving functions, plus the end-to-end network architecture and service-oriented middleware.


Our Robotic Drive, data-driven development, virtualization services and platform drastically de-risk and accelerate the complete ADAS/AD development process to support Level 2+ through Level 5 autonomous functions. It’s the largest known solution of its kind — capable of storing and managing a petabyte of data — with the computational power to calculate at least 10¹⁸ floating point operations per second. It leverages industry proven on-premise and cloud infrastructure, methodologies, tools and accelerators for a highly automated AD development process.

Our key Autonomous Drive services

Driving functions


Designing, developing, testing and integrating driving functions — combining vehicle sensors, map data, telematics and navigation guidance using Machine Learning and data fusion techniques.

EE architecture and SOA


Meeting customer demands through centralized electronic control units (ECUs), utilizing high-speed communication networks and service-oriented architectures (SOAs).

Embedded platforms and tools


Enabling interoperability and the ability to reuse software and exchange information across AD platform technologies.

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