Accelerating Autonomous Drive development

Providing complete data-driven development services for L2+ to L5 capabilities


Data-driven development services and backend
platform for Autonomous Driving at scale

The automotive industry is known for innovation and speed but today’s acceleration also brings challenges to the market faster than ever before. Achieving visions for the future of mobility — the next steps toward fully autonomous vehicles — requires significant investment, the ability to manage disruptive complexity and huge volumes of data.


We offer the right mix of services, performance and experience to meet your specific objectives for the entire AD/ADAS development journey. We provide a safe integration and transformation of the current process and toolchain into a scalable, data-driven development methodology, toolchain and platform by providing consulting, feature and DevOps teams, and proven ready-to-use services.

Service overview



Our continued investment in L2+ to L5 expertise and services provides quality and time-to-market advantages without the costs and risk of early R&D in a fast-changing environment

Benefits of using our Robotic Drive services


Significantly accelerate time to market for production-grade AD, with seamlessly connected best-in-class tools and test environments, to get operational in less than six months


Greater R&D efficiency with a single platform, single view of data and a single toolchain to unlock massive savings in manpower and time


A proven, future-proof and cloud-ready development solution supported by dedicated AD and ADAS experts


Built with state-of-the-art technology on open-source software, proven to support the development of L3 to L5 AD at scale


Reduced supplier costs and greater cost control, with a solution that has created savings of $100 million + compared to other on-premise or cloud solutions


Integration with safety-driven automotive development processes and regulations, including ASPICE and ASIL

Start as needed and scale as necessary to accelerate your ADAS/AD program

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