Accelerating automation of large-scale vehicle driving tasks

and enabling remote vehicle operations in business and industrial environments


Fully managed, connected and autonomous vehicle solutions

Driver cost and limited availability are a serious challenge for facilities with hundreds of vehicle movements in closed areas. Automation is often the desired solution, but converting to Autonomous Drive (AD) systems is not always feasible in-house.


The Luxoft Plant and Industrial Vehicle Autonomy (PIVA) solution cuts the cost of AD systems by moving the artificial intelligence from the vehicle to the cloud and allowing for the independence of vehicle sensor/compute capabilities. We provide the sensors, control software and communications, along with state-of-the-art environment creation and route planning, plus continuous vehicle asset monitoring.


It is a fully managed service to autonomously execute large-scale vehicle driving tasks and enable remote vehicle operations in manufacturing and industrial environments such as, vehicle rental areas, production plants, parking lots, terminals and mining operations.


What benefits can our PIVA solution give you?


  • The ability to autonomously execute vehicle operation in manufacturing plants and proving grounds
  • Increased efficiency of inbound and outbound logistics within fleet management, for reduced logistics costs
  • More efficient use of high skilled labor in remote driving operations
  • Improved working environments and workforce safety
  • Enhanced space utilization through efficient parking and complex maneuvering
  • Continuous access for rearranging parking orders (such as optimizing electric charging times while parking)
  • Constant vehicle asset monitoring and data analytics
  • The option for teleoperated driving as a fallback
  • A competitive technological advantage in the market
  • The potential to monetize automated driving tasks

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