Cutting-edge automotive telematics solutions

Enhancing quality, broadening applications and reducing development times



Enabling automakers to design, develop, test and deliver cutting-edge, connected car telematics and IoT functionalities

Telematics technologies have evolved beyond simple asset tracking in fleet management. Modern, sophisticated applications include GPS, vehicle sensors and real-time vehicle diagnostics. In addition, as part of the broader development of IoT for cars, telematics can now monitor locations, mileage, driver behavior, and vehicle and engine status.


As the volume and quality of data collected increases and 5G delivers faster data transmission, telematics will also play an essential role in developing autonomous vehicles.


Our Telematics solution provides automakers with the domain knowledge and telematics software development expertise to implement complete connectivity for vehicles, including internet connectivity, vehicle to vehicle, vehicle to infrastructure, and vehicle to everything (V2X) connectivity.

Service overview

We help automakers and their key partners with challenges that include:


Lacking in-house expertise and knowledge to develop telematics solutions


Requiring more in-house capacity to develop telematics solutions


Supporting software development processes such as integration/testing/etc


Running software projects in an efficient and proven way


Gaining new experience in meeting different telematics standards and use cases

Benefits of our Telematic Application and Platform Services

Working with us enables you to:

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    Gain seamless engagement with information and content from your vehicles

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    Deliver proven, cutting-edge solutions supported by dedicated telematics

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    Access domain knowledge with industry-leading use cases based on technologies like 5G and V2X

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    Make the scheduling of preventative maintenance more straightforward and reduce downtime

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