Bringing your digital
instrument cluster ideas to life

with our key capabilities and specialist experience for a fully integrated Digital Cockpit experience



Agile software development together with our key capabilities in testing, validation and integration

Traditional analog solutions in automotive applications have recently been overtaken by digital instrument clusters. These dynamic, safe, and intuitive instrument clusters can go beyond meeting the current market demand — they are an opportunity to build brand, reputation and lead the pack.


A specialist partner with the ability to identify requirements and translate them into a fully integrated digital cockpit experience is often the most successful and cost effective way to design and create these cutting-edge solutions. We can help automakers and their key partners accelerate ahead of the competition with the most advanced solutions for digital instrument cluster.

Service overview

Our holistic digital instrument cluster solution offers consulting and services for all phases and areas of digital cockpit engineering for automakers and their key partners. This covers benchmarking, concept development, usability, and UI/UX concepts, through to prototyping and development of digital clusters.

Our Agile development process provides global resources and capabilities, creates continual improvements of our deliverables, and reacts fast to changing needs — this includes rapid team ramp-up and scaling to assemble the expert teams you need.

Benefits of using our digital instrument cluster services

Extensive knowledge of and experience with the latest trends and technologies, for the creation of innovative HMI and UI/UX that meet current and future customer expectations

Support for digital cockpit display environments with fluid and synchronized data displays, and rich, state-of-the-art user experiences

A one-stop solution to develop new digital cockpit capabilities, implement early concepts and bring them to market much faster

Compliance with functional safety and driver distraction requirements

Open-source solutions to reduce the costs of deploying and developing digital instrument clusters with Luxoft Safe Renderer

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