Take control of your HMI

There are millions of cars on the road today featuring Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) developed by Luxoft.

Key to our successful HMI deployments is Populus – a complete tool chain for rapid HMI design, development and deployment.

Our software suite makes it possible to create robust, eye-catching, animation-rich HMI in a seamless and intuitive way that slashes development time and costs.

Populus Simplifies HMI Development

Our expertise in the global automotive sector is perfectly showcased in our Populus Suite.

Populus offers a WYSIWYG approach where an HMI design is created and verified in the Populus Editor without having to write any software, thus reducing development and test efforts.

For low-end hardware platforms, Populus enables optimum performance. Alternatively, for high-end platforms, the highest quality is realized through a modular approach that adds capabilities to the core engine.

Design With the End User in Mind

Populus Suite enables you or your team to swiftly produce a high-end HMI design in a cost-effective way.

Easily create layouts and logic in an XML database using Populus Editor, without the need to write software.

In our fully visual environment, you're ready to formulate an innovation-rich in-car experience. No coding is necessary and you're supported through all stages of development, with the intuitive editor converting the HMI database to a compressed binary format.

Aimed at being as convenient and efficient as possible, Populus Editor depicts the HMI in the same way the user will see it in the end product.

Populus Engineering Services

We provide an end-to-end approach to developing, maintaining and deploying Populus to ensure your HMI engineering aspirations can match the capabilities of the toolset.

These support services include:

  • Porting
  • Integration
  • Customer support
  • Implementation
  • HMI design & development
  • Test, Requirements Engineering, Integration
  • Functional Safety
  • Training

End-to-End HMI Services

At Luxoft, our dedication to Automotive HMI ensures we can offer our customers successful, full-cycle development and implementation services – from ideation, to prototyping, to series and testing.

A unique combination of HMI design toolchains and custom development services is supported by highly qualified and experienced engineers.

This global industry is, of course, matched by globally distributed teams where customers enjoy a direct relationship with Luxoft’s in-house, multi-disciplined team (Design, Ergonomics).

This commitment to HMI ensures even the most cutting-edge approaches are considered first, like touch and gesture control, eye tracking, hard key and rotary control.

Optimized HMI Experiences

With 10+ years of experience in full-cycle HMI development and thousands of Luxoft experts dedicated to the automotive sector, we have the capability to optimize every aspect of your HMI development requirements.

Firmly fixed on the experience of the user, we have deep expertise in delivering optimized capabilities around a range of functional aspects, including:

  • Memory footprint
  • Startup time
  • Animations
  • FPS
  • Text rendering
  • Graphical loading, stacking and layering
  • 3D capabilities

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