Providing expertise dedicated to body, comfort and eMobility vehicle software development

Covering all aspects of electric vehicle software development



Comprehensive solutions for design, development and testing for body, motion and eMobility

As software becomes the dominant factor in market differentiation and electrification becomes increasingly common, the drive to software-defined vehicles introduces challenges and opportunities for automakers. There are additional needs to manage e-drive, charging and testing but also possibilities of adding intelligent and convenient new features.


We help automakers implement new functionalities, migrate existing functionalities previously split across multiple hardware components, and take over the responsibility for maintaining and adapting complete software releases.


Our Body, Motion and eMobility offering includes designing and developing software for body and comfort functionalities on high performance centralized ECUs like climate, lighting, vehicle access, system functions, vehicle state and zone ECUs. In addition, our offering contains eMobility SW function development and testing like inductive charging and system testing.

Service overview

We help automakers and their key partners with challenges that include:


Requiring greater in-house capacity, or better quality and prices from an existing supplier


Reducing the number of body function ECUs, bringing them together to be more centralized, affordable and maintainable


Accelerating the development and integration of new functionalities and bringing them to market faster

Benefits of our Body, Motion and eMobility services

Working with us enables you to:

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    Ensure high-quality, state-of-the-art automotive software at every stage of throughput

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    Use Agile SCRUM/LeSS/SAFe methodology combined with automotive processes including ASPICE, ISO 26262 and TISAX

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    Migrate functionalities from separate hardware stacks to a centralized ECU/HPC

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    Reduce weight and space and enable the re-use of software across multiple car lines

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    Accelerate EV agendas using robust and verified solutions

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    Enhance brand reputation and market appeal with better software and products

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