Meet Luxoft HALO
Featuring a Revolutionary Digital,
Consumer-Grade In-Vehicle Experience

January 7–10, 2020

Booth #6928, North Hall, Tech East

Las Vegas Convention Center


Introducing Luxoft HALO

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), January 7–10, in collaboration with LG Electronics, Amazon and Mapbox, we will unveil Luxoft HALO, our latest shared mobility concept featuring a revolutionary digital, consumer-grade in-vehicle experience.

Seamlessly Integrated with
Consumers’ Personal Digital Lifestyle

At home, consumers expect their digital experiences to be simple, convenient and accessible at any time across a range of devices. Increasingly, consumers also expect access to their favorite content and services, in the vehicle and on the go.


Luxoft HALO shared mobility concept, powered by webOS Auto, demonstrates how all consumers’ mobility needs can be seamlessly integrated with their personal digital lifestyle.

A Complete, Highly Personalized
and Intelligent In-Vehicle Consumer-Grade
Experience, Powered by webOS Auto

Together with our key partners, Luxoft can now deliver a complete, highly personalized and intelligent in-vehicle consumer-grade experience, powered by webOS Auto, the platform for shared and intelligent mobility. It’s an open platform that delivers, with exceptional quality, an existing ecosystem of intelligent services and dynamic content – from in-vehicle infotainment to connected video streaming services and more – that is increasingly becoming an essential part of consumers’ personal digital lifestyles.

app screen

Seamless and Instant Personalization via User
Profiles, Favorite Services and Pre-Installed Apps

An Open Platform for Collaboration with
a Complete Ecosystem of Intelligent Services
and Content from the Market Leaders

webOS Auto is an open and ideal platform for collaboration and comes with a complete partner ecosystem, ranging from SoC, Technology, Services, Content and Data partnerships.

Partner Innovations Showcased
in Luxoft HALO

webOS Auto provides features, and functionality, and incorporates all essential components such as multimedia processing, multi-display control, connectivity and security, offering improved comfort and convenience to passengers.

Alexa already helps you simplify and organize your life at home – now you can take her with you on the go with Alexa Auto. Alexa can help you play music, get directions, place calls, listen to audiobooks, control your smart home and more, with just your voice – so you can keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. Alexa is already available in dozens of vehicles from leading automakers, and Amazon has released services like the Alexa Auto SDK that make it easy for automakers and suppliers to integrate Alexa directly into their infotainment system. To learn more, visit

Mapbox is a live location data platform powering maps and navigation experiences for mobile, web, gaming and automotive. Mapbox maintains SDKs for developers building for webOS Auto, Android, iOS, Unity 3D and web, and APIs for rendering maps and performing spatial functions. Every month, over 150,000 developers build with Mapbox. Over 45,000 mobile apps are powered by Mapbox SDKs. Applications and platforms built by developers using Mapbox reach more than 600 million monthly active users.