Providing complete automotive
Testing and Validation solutions

For Autonomous Drive and In–Vehicle Infotainment use cases



Confirming the future of mobility with
end-to-end testing capabilities

Automakers are progressively centering on software and data-driven development. The need to incorporate data from a wide range of data sources entails huge and complex requirements for data ingestion and data processing. The software has a number of multi-layered requirements that are getting harder to meet in terms of reputation, compliance, safety, and regulation. This is placing increased pressure on manufacturers to perform continual retesting and validation.


We help automakers and their key partners to overcome this challenge with testing solutions for key Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Autonomous Drive (AD), interior sensors for occupant observation, and In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) use cases.


With a series of advisory capabilities, Centers of Excellence and fleet testing, we can deliver and apply software-in-the-loop testing, tooling, benchmarking and prototyping services to address all your safety, security, performance and usability requirements – across all stages of the post-production cycle.

Our key Testing and Validation solutions

Sensor and system testing


Focusing on technologies such as Radar, Lidar, camera sensors and HPCs for exterior AD functions and interior occupant observations (e.g., driver monitoring and gesture control). Providing a full set of testing capabilities from consulting, automation and benchmarking, to prototyping, KPI analysis and proving ground testing to meet regulative requirements.

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