Testing and validation solutions for in-vehicle infotainment

Making sure your modern vehicle is flawlessly smart and connected


Ensuring the quality of modern, advanced
and connected IVI systems

The modern vehicle is much more than a traditional car — a smart, connected mobility tool — it’s a software-defined car. Drivers are now users of a platform of technology as much as an engine and wheels, so advanced and connected infotainment systems are becoming critical to market differentiation.


Any loss of quality in the automotive infotainment experience is a potential loss of reputation for the OEM, so rigorous testing is vital.


We’re able to handle the most complex testing scenarios, at speed and with built-in quality. Our IVI testing solutions comprise a combination of global presence, Test Automation, flexible engagement models, domain knowledge, understanding of tools and industry expertise.

Our IVI testing solutions


Our IVI testing solution leverages a truly end-to-end testing approach, from concept to production — meaning faster time to completion along with improved transparency and predictability.


We help automakers to set up testing processes that reduce the risks to the quality of modern, advanced, and connected IVI systems through improved user experiences, while ensuring compliance to avoid recalls and protect reputations. This enables faster time to market through reduced error and accelerated development cycles, with reduced costs and continuous savings.

What benefits can our IVI solutions give you?


  • Reduced risks to quality and user experiences, using real-time data on project, process and project quality status to ensure the safety and reliability of the end product
  • Certification testing to ensure products comply with industry standards, therefore preventing the chance of mass recalls
  • The ability to run large-scale projects across multiple domains, with independent testing on specific domains
  • Timely identification of defects for faster development cycles and product delivery with a ‘Shift Left’ approach to defect detection and management
  • Cost reductions through defect identification and CI/CD unit testing for more efficient bug fixing
  • Improved brand reputation and market appeal through more performant, reliable and robust IVI solutions

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