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Integrated engagement opportunities
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Smart devices and the vast availability of online tools have empowered consumers with a wealth of connected and intuitive infotainment experiences. Today, consumers expect to see their personalized digital lifestyles seamlessly integrated across a range of devices, in the vehicle and their smart home. Automakers and their partners are responsible for designing and providing highly personalized and emotional in-vehicle user experiences using innovative vehicle solutions and streaming services, including only the most relevant content.


We provide a holistic approach to customer and user experience (UX) design throughout the vehicle, user and car-as-a-service journey. We design user experiences for the whole mobility ecosystem, delivering integrated engagement not only in the vehicle, but also in the smart home and on the go.


Our UX design solutions encompass prototyping, design, and development of human-machine interfaces (HMIs) and graphical user interfaces (UIs). This empowers you to create long-term programs and customizable design systems that exhibit and differentiate your brand identity throughout the user journey.

Our key User Experience solutions

Concept Car and HMI design


Prototyping in different scales to help automakers and their key partners rapidly develop UX and UI design solution concepts for R&D dissemination and demonstration purposes. Early evaluations and fast re-adjustments ensure that all client and customer expectations are already met in the Concept stage.

Digital Cockpit UX design


UX benchmarking and management solutions to help automakers with user-journey-driven design, cognitive ergonomics, usability, and safety requirements — ensuring all project work focuses on the right action points and is executed with optimized, efficient processes. We help develop accurate and creative work standards for now and the future.

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