Creating advanced UX/UI concepts and prototypes

A complete solution combining UX/UI expertise, an understanding of user needs and regulatory requirements


Craft complete, innovative and customizable experiences, then bring them to market quickly and cost-effectively

Automotive users have rising expectations for an immersive, rich, and responsive digital cockpit in their vehicles. OEMs who meet this need with next-generation in-vehicle entertainment reinforce their brand on the modern market and differentiate themselves as leaders.


Crafting market-leading UX/UI concepts and prototypes requires direction and strategy, a need to scale projects and the ability to deliver creative ideas. OEMs often require customized, market-specific design solutions, or need to improve existing UX and engagement with integrated UX.


We combine our experience in advanced UX concept creation, UI design, and VR/AR solutions with a robust innovation process and access to the latest technologies to provide a flexible and end-to-end solution for user experience design (UXD).

Our solution


Automotive UXD is a flexible and end-to-end solution that combines our experience in advanced UX concept creation, UI design, and VR/AR solutions with robust innovation processes and access to the latest technologies. It brings together our capabilities in key areas of UI design, process optimization and testing. This enables automakers and their key partners to react fast to trends and implement new technologies efficiently, supported by a global team of experts that can be deployed locally and scaled to your exact requirements.

Benefits of using our UXD solution


  • Innovative HMIs for current and future customer expectations, drawing on our extensive knowledge of and experience with the latest HMI trends
  • Improved productivity across the ideation, design, and development of UI/UX solutions, creating processes with lean cross-departmental efficiency
  • Optimized design and production process for next generation integrated cockpit, future mobility and connectivity services
  • Flexible and adaptable delivery, to accelerate time to market and deal with new feature sets and continual adjustments
  • Dynamic systems and processes to make changes easier and faster, using advanced technologies to create state-of-the-art digital cockpit experiences
  • Design-thinking workshops and multidisciplinary strategy experts to create holistic and end-to-end solutions for more human-centered experiences

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