Amazon Web Services

Together, Luxoft and Amazon deliver powerful solutions that change the way our customers think about business.

What We Do

As an AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner, Luxoft helps enterprise clients design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their applications on AWS. Born out of early pioneering in the Internet of Things, Luxoft has been a partner of AWS since 2012 as a global systems integrator. With Luxoft’s focus on leading-edge technology solutions at accelerated execution pace, we go to market with AWS for projects ranging from early stage proofs-of-concepts all the way through production delivery, cloud deployment, and support.

Few companies today have been as critical to the enablement of Digital Transformation as AWS from a technology and infrastructure standpoint. We’re continually investing in thought leadership, technology evaluation, case studies, and market strategy with AWS. Notably, Luxoft has received recognition from AWS as an IoT Competency Partner, was featured at re:invent 2016 as a GreenGrass launch partner, and referenced as 1 of just 6 recognized partners with the launch of their blockchain partner portal at re:invent 2017. Luxoft was also a launch partner for IoT Analytics and will be presenting at re:Invent 2018. This use case was presented by Luxoft at AWS Summits in Hanover and Anaheim 2018.


If you’re looking to accelerate your Digital Transformation initiatives on AWS and need a consulting partner to help you navigate, let us know. We’re here to help!