Luxoft Connected Bank

Enabling banks to deliver excellence to their customers through rapid deployment of products, while meeting regulatory requirements

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As a provider of banking services, how will you continue to thrive in this highly competitive and increasingly regulated market? How are you going to provide differentiated services and innovate at pace?


Banks of the future will have many demands:

digital banking

Provision of flexible, personalized, digital banking services

service provisiob

Consistent and complete service provision regardless of channel

automation and selft-service

Efficiency through automation and self-service

Machine Learning

Anticipation of customer need through AI and machine learning (ML)

Resilience and scalability

Resilience and scalability throughout the technology estate

Luxoft Connected Bank can meet all of these demands and more

Connected Bank is an innovative, cloud-agnostic digital solution which allows a bank, building society or account provider of any size to leverage best-in-class technologies, software and operation to transform how they do business.


With Connected Bank, Luxoft provides a platform for our clients to provide excellent service and market-leading products for their customers.


Connected Bank enables financial services organizations to let customers decide how and when to engage with them. It delivers a seamless experience across any channel, and comprehensive insights and analysis back into the business. Connected Bank also provides a new and highly cost-efficient solution for the development and launch of new products, coupled to an elastic commercial model based on consumption rather than redundant capacity.


A unified platform across all customer touchpoints to provide consistent service

A complete retail or corporate banking solution — configurable, scalable, secure and iteratively implemented

An elastic commercial framework which delivers cost efficiencies and helps reduce technical debt

A full Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution which makes use of leading-edge, multicloud partners with AI and ML capabilities throughout

Rapid deployment — new products or service offerings can be built and launched in as little as 3 months, with more complex, complete ITO or BPO, up and running in as little as 12 months




  • Flexible and iterative implementation. Connected Bank can run alongside existing solutions and is highly configurable to the specific ecosystem it’s part of
  • Connected Bank reduces time-to-value for new services by leveraging automation and Agile deployment
  • Single customer view provides a comprehensive profile of customers wherever and however they interact, enabling better informed, strategic decision-making
  • Complete and comprehensive security capability provides end-to-end protection

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