Luxoft Core Banking

Hogan is an integrated suite of core banking applications that offers a full range of customer, deposit, cards and loan products, processing more than $5 trillion in global deposits annually



The challenges

The core banking system — like Hogan — is one of the most critical components of the overall bank architecture. Any change to the core system has an impact throughout all channels and operations.


With its resilience, robustness and consistency over the past 40 years, Hogan has become integral to banking operations. However, this has also created a need for complex Hogan upgrades and enhancements, requiring a high level of Hogan expertise to provide the right solutioning and ensure zero impact to the business.


Many banks lack the specific skills and experience needed to take control and modernize this vital part of their architecture.

Our Hogan Systems Solution

Hogan is widely acknowledged as one of the most robust and scalable core banking solutions in the industry. This proven performance makes it the fail-safe choice for banks looking to support a range of growth opportunities without disrupting operations.


Hogan provides online, real-time access to all of a bank’s customer relationships across the entire enterprise. This allows the bank to offer its customers convenient, easy access to all of their accounts — how, when and where the customers need it. Also, banks can take advantage of relationship packaging and pricing to support their cross-selling and retention strategies.


As creator and custodian of Hogan, Luxoft has the required business and technical acumen to modernize Hogan implementations, provide resolution to complex bank-centric problems and augment your existing workforce to meet daily operational needs.


We utilize hundreds of years of collective experience developing, maintaining and running applications in client environments to provide Hogan managed services — a unique program for managing your production environment as professional services. We help existing Hogan clients meet regional compliance and regulatory requirements, make enhancements, complete training, and perform staff augmentation. These capabilities provide you with consistent business, technology and manpower support.


We also offer a Hogan progressive modernization program to provide and execute customized assessment and transformation roadmaps to help break apart the monolithic core.

How we help you

Minimize risk

Mitigating day-to-day operational risks for banks.

Ensure compliance

Filling up the resource void for banks to go live on major compliance and regulatory needs.

Get training

Training bank resources to handle complex Hogan applications and reduce dependency on an aging workforce.

Benefit from expertise

Providing appropriate solutions for solving complex Hogan issues in a timely manner.

Improve business processes

Enabling end-to-end Hogan managed services to ensure business continuity.

Reasons to work with
Luxoft and Hogan applications

Proven record


45+ years providing the world’s leading banks core technology



With its own unique architecture and operating environment, Hogan has client-modifiable features implemented for speed and resilience



We incorporate technologies that deliver results, improve operational efficiencies, lower total cost of ownership and provide continuous availability

Better tools


Luxoft offers additional software tools that enable you to maximize the performance of your Hogan applications in place and help modernize them: Hogan Discovery Interface, Product and Parameter Master, API and Microservices enablement, and Platform Architecture for cloud deployment.


Currently processing $5 trillion in global deposits

45+ years

Hogan products have been a powerhouse in the banking industry for more than 4 decades


banks and card processors worldwide — using Hogan as their primary core banking application

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