Luxoft CAMS II

The versatile, end-to-end card management solution

CAMS II supports multi-tenant, real-time processing, with 24x7 access and availability. It provides the functional and technological foundation for global card issuers and processors to thrive in an extremely competitive market.

Designed for both low- and high-volume issuers and processors worldwide, its dynamic, scalable architecture offers the speed, flexibility and control to manage the full range of electronic and card-based payment products.


How good are you at managing change?

In an increasingly cashless society, global card issuers and processors must be able to manage a variety of payment instruments, including both physical and virtual cards, to reach target audiences. Card issuers face constant pressure from intensifying business changes, changes in regulatory requirements, strict scheme compliance requirements and rising volumes, as more and more transactions move to card-based electronic payments.

Typical issues facing card issuers include:

  • Multiple, siloed, card processing platforms and high operating costs
  • Inability to address new market requirements due to gaps in functionality
  • Poor and costly response to regulatory compliance
  • Rigid product pricing and bundling processes
  • No multi-tenant processing capability
  • No 360-degree view of customer relationships and products
  • Inflexible legacy applications and channels hampering improvements to customer experience
  • Difficult to integrate external fintech solutions
  • Manual processes for standard customer interactions
  • Long cycle time to launch new products
  • Data security and privacy issues

Our Solution

The solution enables you to deploy a digital card-processing platform, rapidly, while freeing resources for business growth and innovation. It’s built on a proven, hyper efficient, core, card-processing engine that processes over 500 million card accounts a day. This cloud-capable solution offers banks, card issuers and processors a unique opportunity to transform the customer experience.


CAMS II creates an intuitive and seamless way to integrate, interact with and manage card-related business processes. It frees crucial client resources to focus on business-critical strategic analysis and drive positive business and customer outcomes.

How we help you and your clients

Puts business in control
  • Product configuration without IT intervention.
  • 30+ preconfigured credit, debit and prepaid card products.
  • Account-based, multi-product model for virtually unlimited product design.
24x7 business availability
  • Always-on, real-time availability of all business operations.
  • Robust data store drives data-based decisioning.
  • Continuous post facility for real-time transaction processing.
  • Improved risk management using up-to-the-second data.
Multiple deployment options
  • Cost-efficient platforms include z/OS, Linux on Z, x86 Linux and cloud.
  • Elastic scalability.
  • Efficient consumption of available processing power.
  • APIs.
  • Web services.
  • Many proven integrations for GL, fraud, etc.
Many options
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Corporate Cards
  • Virtual Cards
  • Wallets
  • Loyalty
  • BNPL
  • Revolving Credit
  • And many more

Why Luxoft CAMS II


More than 20 global clients and over 475 banks in production, globally servicing and processing diverse card products totaling more than 500 million cards a day


Low-cost x86 environments supported


30+ years of global deployment expertise supported by Luxoft-trained and certified program and project managers, functional and technical analysts, and solution and technology architects


Managed services supporting day-to-day business operations for multiple clients


On time and on-budget project execution for software installation, configuration, integration, testing, data conversion and production cutover. Quick and easy configuration of new products and product launch


Proven integration though web services and APIs

Our Vision

CAMS II is a proven solution used by a global clientele; card issuers who want to control their own destiny instead of investing in rewriting legacy bespoke systems or relying on third parties offering SaaS solutions. Without funding new, costly development and waiting in line behind other issuers, differentiation in a one-size-fits-all arena presents a real challenge.


You can rely on Luxoft and our trusted experts in global card processing best practices to transform your card processing business by recalibrating the machine, and tightly focusing on generating new business for your organization.

Consult one of our global strategists today