The concept of outsourcing has been around for decades, but in recent years it has become an integral aspect of many IT implementations, particularly as the pressures associated with economically streamlining business lines remains ever prominent. Historically, IT outsourcing has been centralised around software engineering and business processing, but it had yet to make an impact into the capital markets arena, in particular the vendor package space, as this was a space predominantly occupied with on-site, subject matter expert led engagements.

Utilising traditional offshoring models provides clients with a low cost alternative model of delivery for projects and services, but it fundamentally misses two key factors that can make it a serious competitor to a full on-site delivery model. Firstly, it lacks the on-site subject matter experts who can bring with them the deep client and technical knowledge, but secondly, the flexibility to land staff conveniently and effectively onsite at key points of the engagement.

We have embraced this change in tide. With our financial services expertise, we believe the nearshoring model provides our clients with the opportunity to gain cost efficiencies without compromising on quality. It provides an opportunity for clients to expand their team utilising highly skilled resource pools, whilst also maintaining the geographical proximity to allow for on-site expertise when required.

Costs involved with nearshoring are slightly higher when compared to the traditional offshoring model, however, this gap is quickly closing through the introduction of the Central & Eastern European locations offering very competitive options. Despite a marginally higher price point, the difference in quality far outweighs the price gap.

The locations of our nearshoring centres have been well thought through to provide a global talent network for our global client base. We have centres in Poland, Russia, South Africa and Mexico with fast expansion plans. These centres are linked and become a network of delivery centres that can provide project and support services around the clock, but without losing the local relationships and the subject matter experts at the right cost point, therefore allowing your business to focus on building its future.

If you wish to know more about the services available at our nearshoring centres, please watch the video below.

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