Imagine if your vehicle never broke down: No expensive repairs paid on the spot, and no unexpected pit stops to slow you down when zooming from point A to point B. Now imagine if the same vehicle didn’t contribute to the ever-growing pollution problem.

Vantage Power, a leading London-based manufacturer of technologies that electrifies and connects heavy-duty vehicles, had that vision.

After hearing London (along with other major cities worldwide) would be forced by 2020 to only buy zero-emission buses via the Euro VI regulation – and prove it through detailed data reports, no less – Vantage Power wanted to help make the transition as painless as possible. Needing assistance, they turned to Luxoft.

Equipped with Luxoft’s industry knowledge and technology expertise, Vantage Power was able to create a future-forward hybrid commercial vehicle fleet platform using IoT, big data and cloud. This intuitive system monitors the mechanical performance of the buses in near-real time and records data automatically. It also has the ability to predict individual maintenance needs and potential emissions compliance issues ahead of time.

The Power of VPVision

In parallel with the development of Vantage Power’s new hybrid-diesel powertrains, Luxoft partnered with Vantage Power to create VPVision: a deeply integrated, state-of-the-art telemetry system. It features a single web dashboard for fleet operators, which tracks vehicle performance. By monitoring 4000+ data points from their hybrid diesel engines, the solution produces near real-time alerts for critical issues.

Monitoring a vehicle’s speed, engine and fuel cell level allows VPVision to deliver driver and fleet dispatch alerts when a bus needs routine maintenance. As a result, operators can both avoid expensive, unplanned repairs while providing all necessary evidence of compliance with regulatory emissions requirements.

Our solution uses some of the latest Amazon Web Services (AWS) big data analytics, machine learning and edge computing services, extending the incredibly capable cloud platform onto each connected vehicle. The high availability and predictable capabilities of the AWS platform gives adopters the agility to rapidly deliver incremental value in novel ways.

VPVision is now offered as a standalone product and has complimentary engineering services. Find out more by clicking here.

Continuous Innovation with AWS

Luxoft has been working with Vantage Power since 2015, back when we initially implemented VPVision. As an AWS Advanced partner, we continue to provide Vantage Power with industry guidance, enabling them to revise their infrastructure by integrating new and powerful AWS features as they release. Luxoft was a launch partner for both the AWS Greengrass and IoT Analytics products, and recently we introduced these products into the solution to take the platform to the next level. With this upgrade, the architecture was further simplified, enabling more advanced analytics at a lower cost – including new predictive analytics capabilities on the vehicles.


This creates a connected and automated ecosystem of software. Using IoT Anlaytics significantly simplifies the previous architecture. Now, data scientists and analysts can create and manage data pipelines without asking engineering and IT for help, as the data is already available in Athena for easy querying. Using IoT Analytics Notebooks and SageMaker, users can train and derive machine learning (ML) models with ease. After training, models are pushed to Greengrass ML.

By facilitating automation through predictive analytics and inference at the edge, this system drives 360-degree feedback for both customers and OEMs by predicting and detecting anomalies.

Vantage Power and their customers gained valuable benefits from the solution, which:

  • Limits the time buses are spent in maintenance shops, increasing business agility and enabling Vantage Power to keep up with industry competitors
  • Significantly reduces fleet downtime and operations costs, increasing customer satisfaction
  • Lowers operational costs by anticipating maintenance needs before they happen
  • Monitors emissions in near-real time and optimizes fleet logistics using data science
  • Boosts compliance in regards to reducing pollution to help avoid government-mandated emission fines, as by 2025 many major cities have promised to only buy zero-emission buses


For more information on our solution, be sure to watch our video, visit our website to download the full case study and check out the official press release. And don’t hesitate to contact us here!
Alex Tilcock
Alex Tilcock is the lead solution architect for Luxoft’s Big Data Practice. Alex has a passion for data-driven technology, technical innovation, information architecture and strategic solutions that work in today’s real-time data environments. Alex has 30+ years’ experience in large-scale systems integration and commercial software development, with a major emphasis on data. He has been a key contributor on a diverse set of solutions, from simple desktop applications for a few users to global government real-time intelligence systems. Alex also has extensive experience and certifications in open source and Hadoop stacks.