Las Vagas, NV USA
July 17th – July 21st

Come one, come all! Here at Luxoft we’re excited to demonstrate cutting edge technology that stands out from the rest. If you’re in Las Vegas from July 17-21, then check out our booths at the MGM and the Venetian. But if you can’t make it, here’s the rundown! Explore the IT Pro Challenge, Retail Experience Platform and AllView to see how these innovative technologies can benefit businesses worldwide.

IT Pro Challenge – Are you an Office 365 Guru?

Think you really know Office 365? Find out by taking the IT Pro Challenge! A colorful quiz-based application, the IT Pro Challenge tests your knowledge of Office 365 through scenario questions and answers, while delivering educational and helpful tips and video walkthroughs.

The IT Pro Challenge was created to bring awareness to Office 365 products and features to users in an engaging and entertaining format. Based on an Azure backend, the quiz can be taken from the local .net application on any personal computer running Windows 10, or from the Azure-hosted website on a mobile device, such as a tablet or phone. It’s great for showing visually who’s truly skilled at Office 365 – either you’re a guru, or you’re not.


Retail Experience Platform – Manage and track devices across the world

Ever wonder how technology could help manage store locations around the world? Through the Retail Experience Platform, users can both monitor store health and analyze customer behavior from a central point in order to enhance the retail experience.

Due to this platform, Microsoft retail stores efficiently manage 5,000+ demonstration devices across 105 US locations in real time. While each device has a certain network, version of Windows, development tools and content, everything is monitored through a centralized dashboard. By observing each device from a central point, users avoid poor customer experiences across the board before they even occur.

Further, we are working with Microsoft Stores globally to optimize their in-store digital merchandising, which allows store managers to understand which demos are popular in order to drive revenue and improve customer satisfaction. Devices send customer interaction data to drive that insight. Built on Microsoft PowerBI, this real-time data is displayed on the Retail Experience Dashboard (RED) for all Microsoft Stores. Through using Azure IoT Suite, which has common APIs and tools, we can quickly and seamlessly on-board new devices.


AllView – The Connected Car of the Future

It’s the age of the automobile – there are more cars on the road than ever before, with more regulations for carmakers and greater expectations from owners for innovations in their vehicles. These include autonomous driving capabilities, entertainment options, and enhanced safety precautions. To meet these demands, automotive manufacturers find themselves in a constant race to equip their cars with the most advanced technologies – to make motorists safer, connected, and more comfortable while at the wheel.

Luxoft brings forward a market-ready autonomous Human-Machine Interface (HMI) solution that is a perfect fit for both the vehicle and the driver. AllView shows how a wide variety of features can be combined within one self-driving HMI system to make the act of interfacing with modern Automotive technology as engaging and seamless as possible for the driver – from social media, to climate control, to tire pressure, to music. No matter where you are or what you need, AllView drives you forward.


Come See For Yourself – Join us in Vegas

If you’re in Las Vegas from July 17-21, then check out our booths at the MGM and the Venetian. We’ll be demonstrating these three demos and more every day of the event. Meet up with us by clicking here, so we can enhance your business by offering relevant technology solutions that produce business value.

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