Devyani Lad is a Murex Datamart developer working at Excelian Luxoft Financial Services. She specializes in Murex Datamart and Oracle PL/SQL development.

Can you tell us about your experience and background before Excelian?

I graduated from Mumbai University in 2013 as Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Telecommunications. Then I started working as Oracle PL SQL developer for one of the multinationals in India. One of the clients of this organization happened to be working on a Murex application. That's where I learned Murex and received expertise in Oracle PL/SQL and Unix.

I joined Excelian Luxoft Financial Services organization (then known as derivIT Solutions) on June 1, 2017. I was employed in Mumbai for one year, working on a Greenfield project for a large Indian banking and financial services company, where I got the opportunity to learn the key functionalities of Murex, enriching my experience technically and professionally. I got a chance to work with the people having expertise in Murex, and it positively affected the growth of my career. After the successful Phase 1 Go Live of that project, I was given the opportunity to work on the Migration project. Soon after completing this project I worked with 2 Trainees hired through the Excelian campus drive, sharing the Murex and Oracle knowledge that I accumulated over the years.

The next step for me was the Internal Mobility program, through which I got to work overseas. I have a total of 5 years of experience now, of which 1.5 is for Excelian.

What about your Internal Mobility experience? How did it go?

Internal Mobility was a smooth process since everything was systematic and one can actually know exactly what phase is in progress through the Luxoft Portal. The first thing was finding a suitable project for my skills. After that, the process was very smooth and quite easy for me, even though I was traveling abroad for the first time. It was a nice experience for me as well, as I was new to Singapore. The processes around visa, accommodation and other things were quite efficient and easy to understand for newcomers. Excelian was also very supportive in finding career opportunities for me.

What do you like most about Excelian?

Working at Excelian enhances your overall Murex experience. By working here and building client relationships, you learn exciting new things, which is really important from a career perspective. Also, it is great that the company has other activities for employees, like training and social events.

How quickly did you adapt to a new country? What is your impression of Singapore?

I was really enthusiastic about coming here. I found the whole experience great, all the way from getting here and adapting to local culture to actual project activities.

Would you recommend Internal Mobility to your colleagues and friends?

I definitely would. It worked great for me, and it was a great experience overall.
Lad Devyani