Not too long ago, the Orange County Convention Center in Florida was bustling with attendees excited to learn more about what the future holds for technology in healthcare. The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society conference, dubbed “HIMSS”, brings top thought leaders from across the industry all together in one place to discuss current trends in healthcare. The sheer size of the event was incredible – over 45,000 professionals were on the show floor, packing the walkways full of people. And with over 1,300 vendors, there was no shortage of healthcare technology trends being showcased at different booths.

One thing was clear: the healthcare industry is ready and excited to step into the future. Attendees wanted to learn more about what AI can do for them, or what blockchain can enable. Here is my list of the most important healthcare trends I noticed while at the show.

Talking about Telemedicine

Luxoft’s booth was constantly busy with words like blockchain, automation and AI. However, outside of blockchain in healthcare, one of the most talked about solutions at our booth was telemedicine. There was a lot of interest in how to resolve the problems of connecting patients to providers, especially for patients in rural areas. The use of telemedicine to reach patients and provide the necessary care is something a lot of healthcare professionals are really desiring. Telemedicine is viewed as the bridge they need to connect patients to providers.

Blockchain, the right way

I attended a blockchain session that highlighted some of the concerns, presented by experienced security experts. A blockchain has to be built right to work, and its safe, secure nature isn’t actually guaranteed. However, when built with strong links within the chain (which can be measured via a risk assessment), it’s a secure technology that’s highly effective for the healthcare industry.

For instance, blockchain in healthcare is great at storing patient data and having only permissioned parties view that data, such as healthcare providers and payers. By using blockchain, entities are only privy to what they need to see. That means certain information might be private to some, yet available for others.

Fortunately, Luxoft is capable of transforming the healthcare experience with blockchain. Our Cordentity solution enhances security; built specially for identity, it uses zero-knowledge proofs to avoid disclosing unnecessary private information. This is particularly important in the healthcare ecosystem, where personalized care is essential. Using Cordentity can improve the security throughout the entire healthcare supply chain, keeping the patient’s information safe by guaranteeing traceability, immutability and transparency.

AI-Powered Healthcare

Another area of interest is AI in healthcare, especially when recording conversations between patients and healthcare providers. Once recorded, artificial intelligence sorts the information and makes it accessible to others that may find this information useful, such as assigned case nurses and doctors. This increases transparency and allows doctors to treat patients with all necessary information at their disposal, potentially increasing accuracy for diagnoses and treatments.

Similarly, using artificial intelligence in healthcare through the power of voice helps bring empowerment to patients. AI in healthcare can help reduce their cognitive load, lower stress, and directly impact the recovery process. At Smashing Ideas, they determined how using Alexa to bring control to a patient in a hospital bed could help improve their care. Whether adjusting hospital beds or room lighting to improve various degrees of comfort, implementing AI voice recognition is one of the greatest current healthcare technology trends; it brings a sense of empowerment to the patient that can improve the overall healthcare experience. With costs of healthcare on the rise, AI can improve efficiency and cut costs by improving patient recovery.

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Eric Lauck
Eric is an Account Manager at Luxoft in the Healthcare and Life Sciences line of business. Based out of New Jersey, he has five years of experience working in big pharma IT.