Community Links

For the second year running, Excelian staff donated a great deal of festive goodies towards the Community Links charity appeal. The east London charity seeks to help and empower those living below the poverty line in London’s most deprived areas. Thanks to their sustained successes, they have now expanded nationally and help to contribute towards welfare reform and consult on government legislation.

The Christmas Party

Last year, Excelian was invited by Barclays to help with the charity’s Christmas appeal. Every year, the charity hosts a Christmas party for pensioners in Canning Town (E16) and 3 Excelian staff, along with representatives from Barclays, travel east to help set up the party, serve the food and drinks and provide general amusement with dancing and a raffle.

This year proved as successful as last year. The ever-generous Excelianites donated a wonderful array of gifts to the appeal and they, combined with Barclays’ hampers, will make about 100 boxes for the charity to send out to elderly people in much need of some festive cheer.


The day of the party

[img]images/img/charity-day_csr-03.jpg[/img]On Wednesday 12th December, Lucy Pottinger, Charles Waple and Caroline Knight made their journeys to Canning Town and all hands were on deck. Extra supplies were needed and the Excelian team were responsible for the hunting and gathering; a trip to Iceland ensued. Venturing out into the Baltic weather, the three made their way to the land of ice. “10 pizzas for £1!”, exclaimed Charlie, never having been to an Iceland before, his eyes were opened to a whole new world of shopping possibilities. With Frazzles, Mini Cheddars and fruit juice in hand, the Excelianites headed back to the community centre where preparations were well under way.

Once the food had been dished up (an excellent spread featuring sausage rolls, pork pies, cubes of cheddar and pickled onions), the raffle started.

After the raffle, the tables were moved to clear a space for the shape throwing. This is always the business end of the day, where conga lines are formed and the sounds of the 60s blast from the DJ set. This is the part of the day the pensioners enjoy the most and it’s great seeing them bust out the moves, especially when they request a track and whip out some Zumba crossed with impromptu line dancing.


The day was a fantastic success and the pensioners all had a wonderful time. Thomas Crews, the event organiser and Community Links representative said,

“It’s a great project which brings them a lot of joy as they all get together and feel part of something special - many of those who came live alone because of bereavement and their families living away, so it is so important to give them opportunities to get together with their peers to socialise and connect.”


The generous donations from Excelian and the continued support are invaluable to the charity and it was a true privilege to be able to spend the day with some very lovely people.