I got carried away in this post, so I’ll divide it in 2 parts.

Let’s talk about something important: holidays. For those who don’t know - which means everyone but us folks in Australia - Shirin is “The Grand Organizer”, “The Mad Planner”, “The Queen of Time Management”. Let me explain. She has the 5 next years of her life – and ours - planned in an excel spreadsheet hidden in the depths of her computer. I see you laughing at the back but I’m serious, she really does! And good for us because thanks to her we went on an amazing trip from Alice Springs to Uluru.

So what’s this trip about? Rafal, Cihan, Shirin, her husband and I jumped on the opportunity of an extended week-end in New South Wales to escape Sydney. We used those 4 days to check out the big-red-rock-in-the-middle-of-Australia called Uluru. Theme of the trip: road-trip!

On Friday we landed in Alice Spring and hopped in the “army-tank-size-car” rented for the week-end to drive to the first activity of the journey: quad bike tour in one of the biggest cattle properties of Australia. That day, also happened to be, after 150 days – I’ll spell it: AFTER HUNDRED AND FIFTY DAYS – the first and only day it rained in the desert. As they say here: “Happy days, mate!”

I'm winge’writing (a mix of writing and winging – but hey, I’m French, I have to!) because it did impact our trip a bit later on. Speaking of winging! We expected the quad company to pick us up from the hotel: ok. After a 20 minutes wait, seeing no one we called them: ok. They tell us that Russell, rang them in the morning to cancel our tour, because he missed his plane: not ok and err... who’s Russell?! Rafal’s newly discovered twin. The “no worries” policy applying in this country, seeing it was a mistake, they solved our problem in 5 minutes: all ok.

Anyway... the 2 hours of quad biking in the outback were pretty cool. I was surprised to find the desert so “green” but as our guide Frosty explained to us, it was due to the unusual amount of rains which caused floods 2 years ago. The day ended with Frosty shouting at us (well... not really at Cihan and I but that’s another story) - a big steak – because we love meat – a humiliating group dance based on a local song in the middle of a restaurant - I don’t even want to explain that part - and couple of glasses of wine - because we can.

I spent most of the Saturday behind the steering wheel of the tank. Drivin’ in the middle of the desert’. Seeing almost no one, but for the occasional tourists, like us, stopping at the various lookouts along the road for a barbecue (more meat!) or for a hike in some amazing gorges. Photos, photos, photos. 

Thats it for now. See you next week for part 2.

Oh and yeah: today I’m celebrating my 3rd year anniversary at Excelian =)