Anyone excited for part 2? No one? Well, still. There you go :) Continuing on Saturday... We swapped drivers at the end of the afternoon when the road transformed suddenly from asphalt to red dust. Cihan had the joy of feeling like a rally pilot. Driving over bumps and staying at all time vigilant to avoid running over the desert critters we saw on the way: cattle, camels, owls and even a dingo – while listening to some good music: Them Crooked Vultures (any fan in the audience?).


We reached the resort in the evening and guess what we did? Yep. More meat: Kangaroo on the barbi’. For the record, after diner, Rafal and Cihan brainwashed me “Gangnam Style...” So they kept talking about this video the whole day – fine. But then they forced me to watch it again... and I kinda like it now. What happened to me? Please save me from this song... :-/

Sunday: big day. Wake up before the sun to visit Kings Canyon: beautiful. Drive 3 hours to reach the goal of our trip: Uluru. Visit of Uluru: interrupted halfway-round because rangers had started a bush fire. “Why-have-they-done-that-to-us?!” - yeah, we took it personally – because 1. They do it only once a year. 2. It was the only time of the year they could do it due to the recent rains. I’ll spare you this part: [more winging...]

Anyway luck was on our side, long story short two guides drove us back to our car. The female guide even suggested that I might meet the girl of my life in Alice Spring and stay here forever, but a friend told me my future wife is in Miami, but that’s another tale. Err let’s get back to this trip. Later in the evening, a glass’o’wine in hand, we enjoyed the beautiful spectacle of the sun setting on Uluru, changing the colours of the rock to all different kind of red. And-then-we-ate-more-meat-which-is-beautiful-too.

Careful reader, more winging: After yet another barbecue, the plan was to sit back, relax and stare at the stars. Since it’s supposed to be one of the best places in the world to see the Milky Way. Guess what? Yep, full moon. I love when a plan comes together...

Monday: once last time we had kick ourselves out of bed super-duper-early - 5.00am, you should have heard Cihan and Rafal winging hahaha. Would have been a shame not to see the sun rising behind Uluru and the Olgas, wouldn’t it? Beautiful! – (did I mention Frosty always said “Beautiful” in his Aussie accent and it’s now kinda stuck in head?) after contemplating such a splendid spectacle of mother nature we ate a quick breakfast (camembert wrapped in smoked salmon anyone?) before going for - in my opinion - the best part of our trip : a hike in the Olgas. Here again, the photos force me to shut up.




I can winge all I want, it was a great trip, in a beautiful part of the world. Thanks again Shirin :)