The Excelian 21Club provides a forum for leading minds in technology from different industries, to discuss hot topics and latest trends.

The latest in a series of events looks at Cloud and Grid services, analysing market opportunities for both, whilst also considering the commodity nature of cloud, cloud monitoring and cloud orchestration. Through panel discussions and lightening talks, subject matter experts will consider: “is now the time to bet on cloud?”

Our expert panel includes speakers from sponsors Microsoft, Platform Computing and DynamicOps.

Concepts from Excelian’s white paper “Cloud can be leveraged to solve the issues faced when expanding Grid computing environments within the finance industry” will feed into this evenings discussion.

Whilst a very attractive service, a combination of regulatory, technical and security reasons often prevent organisations from fully leveraging the benefits of Cloud.

This white paper aims to be an independent view on the market and answer the most important questions for Cloud users. Based on Excelian’s expertise in this area, we look at the different types of Cloud available on the market, the advantages and disadvantages of Cloud services, what challenges the market is facing within Finance for Grid computing and which approaches are possible to solve these challenges.

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