Despite the fact  we are experiencing one of the worst economic crises since the 1930’s, Excelian is one of only 62 London-based companies that made a significant contribution to the regional economy over the last two years. We recognise that services overseas are important and it’s for this reason that we have been growing rapidly in more than 20 countries in both mainland Europe and Asia Pacific, where there is a strong demand for trading system upgrades. During this time these companies, along with Excelian, have added 11,744 jobs and now employ a total of 42,879 people. The combined sales for all these companies is £6.5bn, and international sales have grown by an average of 75% year on year a total of £2.8bn over the last two years.

Adrian Marshall, CEO of Excelian said "it is always fantastic to be recognised for our growth achievements, both domestically and internationally. But what makes it so special is Excelian's unique ability to simultaneously maintain fast growth, investment in our staff (we are accredited as one of the UK's 'Best Companies' to work for), high levels of innovation and exceptional quality of service to our customers, all whilst remaining profitable and organically funded."

Since 1997, The Sunday Times has been identifying the most successful private companies and The Sunday Times International Track 200 has become one of the most important barometers of private company growth. Nowadays, The Sunday Times International Track 200 is an expansion of the International Track 100 league table, which has been published for the past two years, and the minimum sales threshold has been increased from £5m to £25m.To find out more, please click here