For the class of 2013 the end of the Graduate programme was in sight. After an intensive 12 weeks of various training courses and presentations, talks of where we would be placed on our 1st project were now a common discussion, occurring daily. For the two of us this process had been a little speedier and we were fortunate enough to be placed on a client site that required two juniors immediately.

With any new venture there is always some element of anxiety and nerves and it’s fair to say that we both were, albeit also excited to be on client site. Prior to starting, the DSG (Delivery Support Group) team arranged a meet and greet session with the programme manager, along with an information pack which included a history of the client as well as all its affiliates. We were also able to understand what the project was and gain the relevant background knowledge needed before setting foot on site. The meet and greet certainly set the nerves to rest; we had an opportunity to see what our working environment would be and got a brief introduction to the team we would be working with. This was it, no more planning, no more inductions, the work had started.

[img]../../../images/img/FROM_CLASSROOM_TO_CLIENT.jpg[/img]First on the agenda was to gain access to the building. Working in a Financial Institution, security is always going to be paramount. This was where our Excelian colleagues gave a  lending  hand by helping us have access pre-agreed, taking time out of their busy schedules to ensure we were comfortable and had been correctly set up on the systems. Having a great support network around you is absolutely crucial on a client site; their wealth of experience on the current project is invaluable not only do they know where everything is but can direct you to the relevant areas or people if ever we needed anything.

After we got ourselves set up, we were able to start the work we were bought in to do. For the first time we were working with a production environment of Murex and we were understandably cautious about tripping anything up at one of our biggest clients! Luckily we had the support of the Excelian team to help us with any queries we had and were able to settle into the work we had to do.

It’s been a great experience for the both of us to be able to work at a client site, using what we have been learning during the training programme. From the soft skills to seeing and using a live production version of Murex, the time that we have spent on client site so far has furthered our knowledge and we have been lucky to be given this opportunity during the training programme. We are both still continuing our work here and look forward to gaining more experience and making the most of this opportunity.

by Visal Sethi and Timothy Ip