Week 5

This started with consultancy skills training including: communicating with the client, presentations, interviews, intensive timetables and even more importantly PEOPLE. How to always inspire and make a difference.

We’ve had five very intensive weeks so far: Java training; dynamic and interactive training in financial markets; an introduction to UNIX, which showed us the fundamentals of the operating system and its’ principal terminal commands and finally, an amazing simulation of buying and selling assets with the goal of close positions making a profit in the shortest time possible.

I'm currently working on a case study relating to one of our clients.I will have the opportunity to work with #PhilRoberts, Senior Partner and Head of the Capital Markets Practice with more than 25 years of experience, giving me pointers on the topic. This is a strong indication to me that the company provides an excellent environment for learning and further professional development.

I recently moved from Spain to London to join Excelian; moving to a new city is always challenging, but my experiences at Excelian and the people that I have met here has definitely made the move much easier.