We have now reached the half-way point of the intensive Graduate Training Programme, and there has been a lot of varied training towards becoming successful consultants as well as still having fun had along the way.

Following the Financial Markets training, we moved on to the more technical aspect of the training programme. Week four started with a fast paced introduction to the UNIX operating system. For the majority of the group this was like learning a new language. However, with lots of practice everyone ended up with a working knowledge of UNIX.

"As a result of our goals and time management training, we now have a group trip to Zumba planned this week!"
We then had more technical training on Database and SQL training by Steve Jones from The Graphics Network. This was a well-paced practical course establishing the fundamentals of relational databases. After a slow start with initial problems setting up the software, we finished the week with another small quiz, The Friday Project, which everybody successfully completed with exemplary results including additional points for “elegance”.Finally, after over a month at Excelian we got our first taster of Murex. Malcolm May and Vincent Baines demonstrated to us how our financial markets and technical training will link in with Excelian projects.

In-depth learning and soft skills training
This last week has been more relaxed through soft skills training with Tim Haslam from Lammore Consulting. We had a lot of hands on experience with communication, interview and time management skills. From the communication skills training, we discovered that the majority of the Graduates are analytical, task-focused and objective thinkers – “cool blue” personality colour.

This week was an excellent break from the in-depth learning, but has also helped us develop invaluable soft skills, which will enable us to excel in our careers as a Consultant at Excelian. And, as a result of our goals and time management training, we now have a group trip to Zumba planned this week – putting our training into action!

Now on to more training, before being released to clients!