In this post, I’m going to try to explain how you can go to Australia. It should be a step by step guide, but I’m afraid I’ll get carried away with useless details. As usual. Oh well... let’s give it a try.

One crispy morning in London, one of the guy from the business development team can show up at your desk and ask the magic question: “Would you relocate to Australia and for how long?”. So you look at him and you say: “Yeah, I’d go. But I need few days to think about how long. And for when would it be?” – “It would be as soon as we can, let me know by Friday” – “Ok.”

Next crispy morning in London:

    • ”Alright, I’ll go”
    • “Cool, for how long?”
    • “Doesn’t matter, as long as needed :)
    • “Ok, fantastic, we’ll get the paperwork done this afternoon”
    Same day, crispy evening, you have just signed your Australian paperwork. Work location: Sydney. Client: top tier investment bank.

    Alrighty - they always say “Alrighty” in Oz, it’s funny, you’ll see - let’s just quickly detail what happens point by point: (visualization exercise, read this list super quickly because all of this happened in 3-4 weeks)

    Week 1
    • Sign a new contract (youhou!)
      • Get a visa
      • Excelian start the process
      • Receive an email from Australia
      • Send forms and pretty copies of pretty BSc and MSc diplomas to that person
      • Check she has everything
      • Wait
      • Check the status of the visa
      • Check again
      • You don't have it yet? Check again
      • Book a week of holidays back home
      • Cancel trip to Rome that you had planned for next month - sad face :(
      • Cancel Parov Stellar concert at KoKo you had booked for next month - sad face again :(
      • Remember you are cancelling those 2 things because you are moving to Australia – happy face :D

      Week 2
      • Go spend a week in Russia for one of your friend’s wedding - include meeting up with Erasmus friends while reminiscing about the Uni days by -15 degrees in Finland. – happy face :D
        • Go back to London for a day to check on how things are going with the visa.
        • Visa application has been successfully submitted.
        • Wait for the visa to be granted.

        Week 3
        • Go back home for a week to see mum, dad and your newly born niece.
          • While back home, with family and friends have to following conversation:
          • Them: “Ok, we’ll see you in a month.”
          • You: “Err... no I’ll be in Sydney in a month or so.”
          • Them: “What’d’a’y’a’mean?”
          • You: “Errr? I forgot to tell you?”
          • Them: “Tell me what?!”
          • Tell them what.
          • Have this conversation 3 or 4 times.
          • Get a phone call from London
          • Excelian: “We have your visa.”
          • You: “9 days only to get it? Cool- cool- cool.”
          • Go back to London. Have this conversation:
          • Excelian: “You’re leaving at the beginning of next week.”
          • You: “WOW err... can we do end of next week? I mean, I have to move out and stuff...”
          • Excelian: “Ok.”
          • Feeling inside your head: “IT’S HAPPENNING, I’M MOVING ON THE OTHER SIDE OF WORLD WHERE IT’s ALWAYS SUNNY!” – happy face times 100 :D
          • Walk around London with the biggest smile on your face.
          • Have a chat with Cihan because he’s going to Sydney too so you can travel with an Excelian buddy.
          • Book your plane ticket with Excelian.
          • Make sure you’ve asked for extra suitcases because trust me, your life doesn’t fit in one. Ok, ok, it fits in two, which is kinda sad.
          Week 4
          • Start panicking because you have 8 days to do the following:
          • Leave your flat, get the deposit back
          • Cancel your phone
          • Cancel the gym – sad face: “Will I ever find a gym as good as Gymbox?!”
          • Deal with Bank account
          • Send a 30 kg box of books and stuff back at your parent’s house. Useful link:


          • Go party like there’s no tomorrow with all your friends.
          • Get the last training and briefing about the client at Excelian.
          • Carry on panicking - you now have only 5 days before the relocation and not even half of the things you had to do are done.
          • Go to the Camden crawl. Party like a rockstar.
          • Carry on packing, let your friends raid your room for free stuff.
          • Have few more leaving drinks.
          • It’s Friday, you room in London is empty, have a wander in sunny Hyde Park.
          • Say the last goodbyes –never thought it would be that hard to leave London after 2.5 years – sad face :(
          • Go to the airport. Meet Cihan there.
          • Say goodbye again.
          • Hop on the plane. Realize it’s for real: WINNING! – happy face :)
          • Alright, off you go now. See you on the other side.
          • After a 24 hour trip you’re on the other side, take a cab and go to the flat rented for you by Excelian, Rafal is there already to hand you the keys.
          • Enjoy the view of the sun rising on the Sydney Opera House while you’re crossing the harbour bridge – happy face.
          • That’s it; you’re on the other side of the world, in a cool flat with a view on the harbour.
          • Have this conversation with yourself:
                         “How’s life?”

                         “Life is good.”

          • You won.