Visiting the Harbour Bridge is something you have to do in Sydney. It’s pretty cool so you have to do it – ASAP – for the following reasons:

1. It’s damn expensive so if like us Excelian’s folks (Cihan, Rafal and I), you do it the first week or so, you won’t realise it’s going to cost you an arm – because-you-have-no-clue-of what-a-dollar’s-worth.

2. Just get rid of the touristy stuff while it’s still winter (we arrived in May). I intend to hit the beach the whole summer, not the “museums” :)

3. After couple of months, you’ll hardly go into that part of Sydney; you’ll hang out somewhere else with the cool kids. You’ll probably be in Manly. I’ll describe the beauty of this place in Sydney in another post.

4. It will impress your grandma, she’ll brag about it to her friends when she sees the bridge on TV.

Right, now let’s get to this “climb”…. Because yes, they dared to define: ”walking up and down 1437 steps” a climb. I’ve asked the 67-year-old Hawaiian woman behind me how she felt after the 3 hours “climb”, she laughed at the mentioning of the word and said it had been a good exercise - True story.

So here I am, all sarcastic on terminology but let’s face it: you will probably never have a better view of Sydney, anywhere else. The bridge itself is a masterpiece of human craft, the view of the harbor is stunning and since we did the Twilight “walking-of-the-stairs” and as they say on their website: “The city’s dusk sky is truly breathtaking alongside the Bridge’s powerful structure”. Another true story.

So yeah, piece of advice from my shoes: Just-do-it.


Extra reason number 5: Don't you think we look sexy in those "climbing suits”? (You should have heard me complaining/sulking/mumbling French-style about putting that on. But they still forced me to wear it... -_-‘)