People are always happy when they’re on a drug called Vitamin D.

And that’s probably why we’re catching the sun in Australia - hi there, Damien here. In this blog I’ll have the pretention to write about what Excelian is doing on the other side of the world. Why would I do that? For many reasons.

First thing first, I like to write. I’m probably horrible at it, but I like words and stories. So if you want to know about our little adventures, you’ll have to deal with my scribbling. Same way you have to endure the singing of your annoying little sister when she thinks she’s Britney Spears – during 15 long minutes every morning when you’re waiting for your shower turn.

Secondly, because Adrian (yes, one of the CEO) paid me for it. Just kidding, I wish he did tho’. But seriously, because Adrian asked us to share our experiences here, and I think it’s a good thing to do. If you listen around, everyone tries to sell you Australia: “You’ll see it’s amazing, you can do this…! and also that…!” Doing “this” and “that” doesn’t mean anything concrete to me, and I have a technical background, so I like concrete stuff, so I thought I could do the concrete stuff and share it with the rest. Like the love?

Reason number 3: by doing this blog we can keep a record, we can make history!!! I always thought history had been created by those who wrote it. Ok, ok, by history what I mean is to keep accessible and human archives that people can come back to: “See what granddad/mum was doing in Australia?” – much more fun than reading your computer’s manual – don’t laugh, I met some guy who thought this kind of reading was fun. By keeping this kind of record I’m also hoping to convince more people to join our crew here. Hop on the boat, life is sweet on this side and the grass greener too.

Now a little bit of your participation is required. Every time you see this in the rest of the text: “Yeaahh*” you have to imagine in your little head a crowd cheering. Understood? Ok, let’s go:

So what can you expect here? You can expect the kind of non-sense you just red above! Yeaahh* You can expect photos! Yeaahh* You can expect exciting projects descriptions! Yeaahh* You can expect clients description! Yeaahh* You will read about our nights out! Yeaahh* You will get to know the Excelian people already here! Yeaahh* And this much! Yeaahh* And also much, much, much more! Yeaahh*

Stay tuned,