The other week I was lucky enough to be invited to the Lord Mayor’s City of London Dragon Awards at Mansion house, the Lord Mayor’s magnificent official residence (pictured below). The Dragon Awards, now in their 25th year, celebrate Corporate Community involvement across Greater London, encouraging collaboration between London businesses and their communities.


I was a guest of Heart of the City, a fantastic organisation that Excelian has been working with over the last 6 months to consolidate and extend our Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) programme to allow everyone that works with us in the UK to help 'give something back' to our society and communities.

[img]images/img/dragon-awards-4.jpg[/img]And whilst we at Excelian have already established some very virtuous activities and partnerships... such as the schools mentoring and internship programmes with Career Accadamies....

[img]images/img/dragon-awards-5.gif[/img]and City Gateway's Ladder for London programme....they are just starting to scratch the surface of what some of the award nominees had been doing....

I was staggered by the achievements of some of these finalists who together have amassed a staggering 163,565 hours of community work! You can watch the official video here)!

Of course you won't be too surprised to hear or see that the large wealthy corporates like Coca-Cola, UBS, KPMG and Lloyd's had made significant contributions (which should still be applauded of course), and there was a large representation of the big city law firms, but it was the contributions of the lesser known SME's that really stuck out - the ratio of time and effort from their workforce far surpassing their big name co-finalists!

A couple that particularly stood out for me were Mulalley & Co, a construction company with a highly successful apprenticeship scheme in Lewisham; Red Door Communications, a Media company who have provided communications training and strategy to a charity (Body & Soul) that supports children and families affected by HIV in the UK; Andaz Hotel (Liverpool St) who run a catering trainee programme and workshops for London's homeless.

What they were doing and achieving went well beyond an individuals personal philanthropy, these SME's all had one thing in common - they had created a common responsibility and support among their staff to giving something back to their communities and committed to making a difference. Very impressive indeed!

At Excelian we’re looking to do more too - so if you are one of our clients and want to partner with us (as we have done with our friends at Barclays Capital for example), or you want to find out more about joining a firm with a solid commitment to making things better, then please get in touch - we have some great ideas and we’re always listening.


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