It’s been few weeks without a blog post about Australia. It doesn’t mean we’ve been digested by a shark (we’ve been surfing every weekend) - it just means we were too busy....I was away for a week, then we were driving in the desert (there will be a blog post about it) and then we have been finishing the regression phase 2 on our project. So basically, I didn’t have a minute to scribble. Right, enough excuses here’s the ramble.


Manly is the best place in the world. Period. That’s where Rafal, Cihan and I live (the rest of our project team aren't to far away either). Manly is the first place we went to after arriving in Sydney. Rafal took us there to visit Rob and Kasia – at Excelian, we all know Rob and Kasia, even if they don’t know all of us (yes, this is a private joke).


So 4 months ago on this wintery-sunny-Sunday, from Sydney CBD (Central Business District), each armed with a pair of sunglasses (your weapon of choice in Oz) we took a ferry to set sail to the promise land. Rafal spent the 30 minutes of the voyage describing the beauty of the place. And he did not lie: a place of wonders it was. In half an hour, we had crossed Sydney harbour and moved away from a landscape busy of skyscrapers to a beautiful coastal city.

And then it got better......

We walked up the Corso to find ourselves on a long beautiful sandy beach bathed by the sun... I’ll stop my mediocre descriptions here, a picture is worth a thousand words, and being lazy today I feel like saving myself a few thousand words.


Living in Manly is very, very relaxing. Every week-end spent here feels like a holiday. It’s green, spacious, quiet at night and you’re never far from the water – for example I have a beach 3 minutes down the road from my house.

I don’t know about the others, but I think it’s being close to nature again that I enjoy the most (I’ve been born and raised not too far from the sea in a small village of Normandy), and for this reason Manly is a playground. I always go for runs in the Harbour National Park and every week-end so far, the Excelian folks have met up for some outdoor activities: surfing lessons, beach volley session, barbecues or visiting Taronga zoo - I’ll probably post about our visit to the zoo later, just to prove that Koalas are NOT cute animals, sorry girls.


I’ll end on this note: in all my working life, I have never enjoyed a better way to commute than a ferry ride, it’s very... soothing – especially when sometimes you see dolphins and whales swimming in the bay.

I love Manly.

Picture bonus: Cihan’s artwork. Hahahhahaha