One of the industries that stands to most benefit from the proliferation of sensors, connectivity and devices is retail. Driven by a growing amount of connected devices serving an increasing number of functions, digital is poised to transform everything from how products are designed and marketed to how they are produced and distributed around the world. Despite this trend, we are only scratching the surface on the potential for the valuable data being produced as they do everything from track products through the supply chain and production on the plant floor to register sales and serve as digital point of sale displays in store.

Luxoft collaborated with a leading global telecommunications and digital entertainment services company with revenue of over $146B, to address challenges they faced with more than 2,200 company-owned retail store locations. Within these retail stores, employees were challenged to ensure tens of thousands of devices were configured and functioning properly to ensure each customer received the optimal experience with each interaction. Teams were often blindsided by problems, reacting to non-optimal situations and spending days implementing work arounds and attempting to get to the root of the problems. We applied our growing expertise in connectivity, data, analytics and cloud technology to help improve the retail store experience for employees and customers alike.


Leveraging the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud based IoT platform (see diagram), Luxoft’s Retail Experience Platform (RXP) is a global service, built to scale, running 24/7, using the best end-to-end encryption available. RXP provides real-time insight into mission critical parts of their business. These insights range from understanding the health of individual devices within each individual store, to providing real-time visibility into how customers are interacting with each unique device and the various digital experiences available on the devices. RXP provides transparency alongside command and control (self-healing) flexibility that help restore order allowing the focus to return to the most important part of their business, meeting customer’s needs while providing seamless experiences.

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