Jitendriya Kumari Yagati is a Murex Integration Consultant with Excelian Canada Ltd. She previously worked as an MxML developer for strategic projects at derivIT Singapore.

Can you tell us about your experience and background before Excelian?

I started my career in India, working for a large Indian banking and financial services company. I worked there for almost two years. From there, I moved to derivIT Singapore, and two years later I joined Excelian through the acquisition. I now work in Toronto, Canada as a Murex Consultant.

What do you like most about Excelian?

I really like the global opportunities that we have access to here. Unlike other companies, the opportunities at Excelian are not limited to certain countries or skill sets. Here, if you really want to work on a certain project or in a certain location, you can definitely use the opportunities available there.

How did you find out about your opportunity?

When I was in Singapore, I learned that there are opportunities at Excelian to work in Canada. I applied, got shortlisted, went through some interviews and got it. After that my Internal Mobility process started.

How did your Internal Mobility process go? Did Excelian help you with that?

Yes. Excelian took good care of things. The process was somewhat difficult for me because of the time zone differences between Singapore and Canada, but everything was very well-organized by the company.

Would you recommend joining Excelian to your colleagues and friends?

Yes, definitely. There are so many opportunities here. When you work at Excelian, you basically can have exposure to any IT area you want.

Did Excelian give you an opportunity to brush up your skills or learn new ones?

Earlier I had experience only with a particular skill set, but at Excelian Canada I'm working on a number of tasks, and I'm learning new things at a higher pace. Also, it was great to work on and improve my soft skills here.

How quickly did you adapt to a new country? What's your impression of Canada?

It is actually very similar for me, process-wise. When I was searching for accommodation, the resources and the whole process in Singapore and Canada are very similar. It is very well-organized in both places.

How would you describe your experience at Excelian?

If you need it, the people around you will help you with everything. It is working well for me, and I'm very happy here.
Jitendriya Kumari Yagati