Over a period of 24 hours on November 21-22, more than 200 participants in 4 different locations built apps with the latest Beacon technology to help make their cities smarter.

Working shoulder to shoulder in New York, Krakow, London and Guadalajara, tech enthusiasts began a marathon of coding, brainstorming, and planning. Staying connected via Skype helped all 4 locations keep track of the progress, solutions, and technologies that will make a difference.

The unique atmosphere, amazing people, and boundless energy made sure that the 24 hours flew by in the blink of an eye. Aside from the competition, participants had a chance to talk to like-minded individuals from all over the word, exchange experience and knowledge, and listen to inspirational speeches delivered by the likes of Andrzej Tokarski from Luxoft Poland and Enrique Cortes Rello from Luxoft Mexico.


In Krakow, 16 teams delivered 14 amazing projects! The Krakow edition’s winners created a special mobile app for tourists that guides them through the city and brings the principles of urban gamification to travel:

Let's Play Kraków / Kitowcy App

Over the Channel in London, 5 teams delivered 4 projects! The winner of the London challenge created special EarBuddy app that uses a small electronic device that allows the user to control their acoustic environment. The specially-designed device uses beacons that control sound hazards and provide direct acoustic notification when health and safety regulations are exceeded:

EarBuddy Kontakt App

Across the Atlantic in New York, 5 teams delivered 4 projects! The winning New York team created a special Planet Walk app, so that no matter where you are in the city, you can maintain awareness of the scale of the solar system as you walk to your favorite museum or park:

Planet Walk App Screen Recording

Down South in Guadalajara, 13 teams delivered 10 projects! The winners of the Mexico challenge delivered an app that helps visitors navigate Guadalajara. Users can choose whatever is most interesting for them and explore:

Discover the World App

All the apps developed during the Beacon Valley Global Hackathon are available to watch online.

New York


Luxoft was a proud sponsor of the event in Krakow and Guadalajara, and we’re pleased to announce that the Global Winner of the Beacon Valley Global Hackathon was the Malito Minds Team from Guadalajara with their "Discover the World" app. In addition the Kitowcy Team from Krakow was also awarded for their “Let’s Play Krakow” app. Congratulations to all the talented individuals involved!

Written by Kinga Misiarz, edited by Michael Kammer