In ‘Casablanca’ (which is what you would call ‘a movie for the ages’) Humphrey Bogart famously utters “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” The future of that particular relationship is unknown, but the friendship between Luxoft (a high-end IT service provider eager to expand its global footprint) and Poland (one of the most dynamically growing countries of Eastern Europe with strong economic environment) has become truly special.

It all began in 2010, when Luxoft established its presence in Krakow. Those beginnings were truly humble: a team of two working in a temporary office at a restaurant (of all places) in the city center. In a mere five years, Luxoft Poland employs over 1500 talented engineers of 25 nationalities, operates in five offices across three cities and creates top of the line solutions for 15 customers (including a few global leaders in the Financial and Banking industry).

Behind the Scenes

The growth was actually well-planned ahead of time. “Two months after we started, Dmitry Loschinin [Presi-dent and CEO of Luxoft] said to me: “You know what? In five years we’ll celebrate having 1000 employees in Poland.” We actually made it six months ahead,” says Przemyslaw Berendt, Luxoft’s Vice President of Global Marketing.

Luxoft Poland celebrated its 5th anniversary in December 2015

In a way, the building blocks were there for Luxoft: out of Poland’s population of 38 mln people, 90% com-plete at least secondary education and 50% have an academic degree. The Polish diaspora numbers nearly 20 million people around the world, with large communities in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Aus-tralia, Brazil and Argentina.

Company’s internal programs also played a big part in the expansion of Luxoft Poland: the Internal Mobility initiative allows employees to move within the company to new projects and teams, which helps them in their personal and career growth. Additionally, employees are free to use Global Relocation program to work in different geographies of Luxoft, embracing new cultures and gaining invaluable global experience.


Many IT customers are now choosing to come to Luxoft Poland because of the quality of ser-vices we provide and the quality of people we hire.” — Wojciech Mach, Managing Director, Luxoft Poland−

Excellence is one of global Luxoft’s corporate values, which explains the desire to expand geographically and conquer new markets. According to Wojciech Mach, Managing Director of Luxoft Poland, the common thread that runs through everything Luxoft people do is the desire to be the best. The history of Luxoft Poland is a perfect example of that passion for excellence – when the company entered the market, it took some time to get started, but within a short period of time Luxoft Poland was working at the level that made it one of the fastest-growing IT companies in the country.

Another thing that stands out in Luxoft Poland’s strategy is its effort in building long-term partnerships. From the beginning, the company always prioritized partnerships over “one-offs” or quick scores, adding value instead of chasing a quick buck

You Reap What You Sow

The recognition of Luxoft’s efforts in Poland came quickly. Computerworld Polska, a leading bi-weekly publication targeted at IT professionals and decision makers, put the company in its Top 5 of IT companies operating on the Polish market, taking into consideration Luxoft’s financial results and headcount growth.

Employees of Luxoft Poland at the event celebrating its headcount reaching 1000 people

The company was also awarded with an Employer Branding Excellence Award 2015 from the Employer Branding Institute for Innovation in Poland – a testament to Wojciech Mach’s statement that Luxoft “is in the People Business.” Its Corporate Identity received an award in the Design category from KREATURA (Awards for Independent Creative Work), the result of Luxoft shaping its premium brand in the country.

Company executives opening Luxoft Poland’s second office in Krakow

The strategic location of Poland and its well-developer R&D environment allows the company to attract tal-ented IT professionals from all across Europe and beyond. Luxoft is benefiting from a Special Economic Zone (companies that are creating new jobs are getting some tax deductions from the government) and has good relationships with city authorities in Krakow and Wroclaw. Polish agency for foreign investments actually presented Luxoft with a special award for one of the best cases of Investment in Poland.

In 2014 Luxoft Poland managed another feat, opening two development centers (in Krakow and Wroclaw) in a single year.

Looking Forward

After five years of Luxoft Poland’s impressive rise, Dmitry Loschinin named Poland “an essential part of our business and our strategy,” seeing the country as a key area of future growth.


Luxoft constantly offers numerous career opportunitiesin its locations all over the world. The organization sticks to its key fundamentals: having an open mind, challenging the status quo, being bullish about its plans and focused on client satisfaction and quality of execution. The past seems humble, the present looks impres-sive, the future (company’s ambition to become the largest and best IT shop in Poland) is bright. After all (getting back to Bogart) maybe it’s just the beginning.