How many times have you needed to locate a colleague with experience in a particular field, tool or technology? To make the search easier, I’d like to introduce the Luxoft Skill Finder add-on for Confluence and show how you can encourage employees to share their skills, endorse each other, and use data effectively.

Skill Finder targets the challenge of creating an in-house talent and skills inventory. It helps identify experts among our employees, providing easy-to-access insight into who has certain skills and knowledge.

The Skill Finder add-on provides a functionality platform for Enterprise-wide skills management. By encouraging employees to share their skills in Confluence profiles, give endorsements to each other, send and accept requests for help or provide advice in a particular skill area, the Skill Finder add-on implements a crowd-populated skills management database for an entire organization.

Find Skills

All employees’ shared skills and endorsements are collected in a searchable database of talents. Additional filters narrow down search results.


Share Your Skills and Receive Endorsements

Specify and share your own skills to help your colleagues and receive recognition of your expertise. You can always find all your endorsers, as well as add/remove or share/unshare your skills.


Skill Finder Banner Macros

The Skill Finder macro displays the skills of a randomly chosen user and allows one-click endorsement of a user’s skills. You can place the macro on any confluence page, and there is an adjustable algorithm for user rotation.


Major Features Include:

  • A Skill Search macro to quickly find experts by their skills
  • Extensive Skill Search results filters
  • The ability to share skills in your Confluence profile
  • The ability to endorse other users for their skills
  • The possibility to receive endorsements for your skills
  • A Skill Finder macro showing randomly selected users with endorsable skills on the Confluence page of your choice
  • The ability to restrict the adding of skills to the Master List (optional)
  • Master list administration – with it you can add, edit and remove skills
  • The ability to request skill-related help from other users
  • The possibility to accept or decline help requests

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