Calling those in the travel industry!
Are you interested in increasing the customer satisfaction of your tired travelers while making processes easier overall?

The truth is, communicating and doing business with customers and other corporations is difficult without swift, efficient processes. To this end, a leading global hotel reservation company needed an innovative solution that challenged conventional hotel–corporation–travel management company relationships. Their old system was unable to provide user-friendly cross-hotel loyalty programs, correctly identify business travelers, use virtual payments to simplify payment processes and allow users to bypass intermediaries to save on payments systems commission. To enhance their work environment and relationships with their customers, the company needed a new model capable of increasing business efficiency and overall customer satisfaction.

While a fully capable establishment with loads of travel know-how, they needed someone who knew both the travel industry and cutting-edge technology like the back of their hand. After deducing the best solution to the hotelier’s problems, Luxoft developed and deployed a seamless, end-to-end solution to remedy the situation.

Using the R3 Corda Blockchain on AWS cloud services, we created a peer-to-peer Blockchain solution to allow private, secure and user-friendly hotel-to-corporation communication. The system significantly increases transparency for all participants, efficiently managing business transactions in a very untrusted environment. This modern cryptographic model also guarantees immutability of all negotiated deals within the system.

In addition, to distinguish between reception and corporate-level managers, we gave the ability to customize permissions in regards to information. We also used Corda Flows to manage the booking lifecycle of the hotel, as well as Corda Virtual Assets to eliminate the need for hard-to-manage card payments – making the daily workflow even smoother.

Our seamless solution was integrated effortlessly via REST interfaces, bringing a happy ending to our client’s story by allowing them to make processes simpler and faster companywide. Our solution also makes customers happier by lowering payment commissions costs and offering faster service.

And believe it or not, we’re not stopping there. In the future, we hope to enable our client to have simple pluggable loyalty programs that can be managed by hotel chains or even operate independently, creating further business growth.

Yes, the possibilities in the travel industry are endless with the right technology – are you ready for the revolution?
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Maxim Zhdanov
Max is head of the travel vertical at Luxoft and a skilled leader with 10+ years of managerial experience in commercial IT. Here he manages mission critical IT projects around highly transactional, multi-user, highly available systems. Max leads distributed international teams in North America, UK, Central & Eastern Europe, and Asia. He has a deep understanding of business development, account management, and client-facing functions along with a strong technical background.