It is extremely sad that we have topics like that. But we have to move on and think about the results and conclusions we could make after what happened in Japan.

Japanese Nuclear Commission in 2003 has published a document in which they stated, that the risk of pollution due to accident should not exceed the extremely low probability – something like 1 per million years. But it happend and all the minds will be set now on thinking – how can we substitute nuclear energy generation with other sources. Solar energy?Coal?

And the problem is you just cannot substitute it right now. The only way is to consume less. But does this less consumption mean less lighting, less conditioning? Not necessarily, sometimes it just means – effective consumption in appropriate periods of time and the implementation of an effective energy management system. And we come again to Demand Response programs. For example in LuxoftDRFusion ( ) with active load control of wireless consuming devices we can setup the scenario in which all the curtailment commands are actively modified but the households, that means that all the required appliances will be working with no changes from utility site. That allows curtailing the load with minimum impact on the lifestyle. That will become extremely important in the situation of limited generation resources