I'm happy to announce that Luxoft Agile Practice has successfully passed accreditation for a new Agile training, “Agile Team Facilitation.” Now this training is available to Luxoft employees interested in improving their facilitation skills.



ICAgile Agile Team Facilitation is the first step on the way to the expert level of the Agile Coaching track. It is highly recommended for anyone who wants to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of team meetings. Through it, you will learn how to conduct various events, improve collaboration, and achieve tangible outputs from meetings.

The training includes:
  • The Facilitation Concept: What facilitation is about, Agile facilitation in particular; who is a facilitator, and why one is necessary in a meeting;
  • Effective Meeting Design: Meeting and group discussion structure; techniques for different meeting stages, including ESVP, Brainswarming, 6 Thinking Hats, Walt Disney’s creativity strategy, World Café, Kano model, and others;
  • Group Dynamics: How to involve all participants in discussion and how to deal with conflicts during a meeting and make it beneficial;
  • Facilitation Practice: Each participant will have the chance to act in the role of facilitator and get feedback from the trainer and the students.
Many of the practical exercises are gamified, so you will not only get new and useful information, but also have a fun and enjoyable time at the training.

Benefits of the training include:

  • Deep understanding of the facilitation concept and the facilitator role, regardless of the project specifics and adopted process framework;
  • Immediate practice of the skills gained through training exercises;
  • Developed ability to create a clear and complete meeting structure;
  • Receipt of an International ICAgile certificate;
  • Individual recommendations from the trainer.
If you would like to attend the training, please let me know in the comments to this post.

P.S. A preview of slides from the inside:




Svetlana Mukhina
An Agile coach and a trainer at Luxoft Agile Practice. She has over fifteen years of experience in IT as a delivery manager and department head. She is currently working closely with delivery managers, teams and businesses, performing project assessments, providing teams and individuals Agile coaching, creating and conducting trainings and workshops. She enjoys observing how a new concept or approach is internalized and waiting for the “A-ha” moment to arrive. She is passionate about showing innovative and useful tools to teams and individuals, and loves helping make their daily tasks less burdensome and more fun.