The post describes an exercise that can be proposed for meetings participants to perform in order to make the meeting more effective.

Before conducting official business at a meeting, it is usually helpful to find out what the participants’ expectations are. For example:
  • What is the goal of the meeting?
  • What are the required outputs?
  • What is required of the participants?
  • How will things proceed?
However, if you start asking these questions directly and launch a discussion over them, you risk the meeting getting off-track and never getting to the main point of business.
I suggest the following exercise to gather information: have participants write the answers to these questions down. This format allows each participant to think about their own answers and ideas, to share those ideas with others, to be listened to and be heard, and finally, understand fully what to expect from the meeting.


With this technique, you should be able to achieve the following:
  • Everybody will have a chance to speak up and voice their opinion several times and with different people
  • Opinions won’t be judged or commented upon
  • Participants will find out if they share similar views and/or hear different points of view
  • The participants will be familiar with one another’s responses and ideas
  • During the final sharing session, the facilitator/organizer summarizes everyone’s constributions
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Svetlana Mukhina
An Agile coach and a trainer at Luxoft Agile Practice. She has over fifteen years of experience in IT as a delivery manager and department head. She is currently working closely with delivery managers, teams and businesses, performing project assessments, providing teams and individuals Agile coaching, creating and conducting trainings and workshops. She enjoys observing how a new concept or approach is internalized and waiting for the “A-ha” moment to arrive. She is passionate about showing innovative and useful tools to teams and individuals, and loves helping make their daily tasks less burdensome and more fun.